Another 'Options' Question

Can you stand another Options question? My Denise needles and my bamboo needles have the needle size actually on the needle, which has saved me numerous times. I don’t have to worry about mixing up the needles.

However, I called KnitPicks to ask about the Options and was told that the needles do NOT have the needle size on the needle. For those of you who use Options, is this a problem? I think it would drive me crazy, but want to hear your experiences.

I keep my tips on the card they came with to keep them straight.

I keep mine on the card too, and I have a needle sizer so I could always check if I got them mixed up. It doesn’t bother me at all, but then I’ve never had a set that had the size stamped on the needle, so my perspective is different I guess. :slight_smile:

I could see where it would be a problem, but it’s not much of a problem for me. I have a metric dial gauge I can figure them out with if they ever did get mixed up.
Also to my eyes .5mm is huge so I’d probably notice if I did have a mix up and grab 2 different sizes.

I wrote the sizes both in number and measurement on the clear case with a Sharpie for that day the case gets accidentally dumped comes.

I have more problem knowing which cable I’m dealing with, I guess I can’t spot an 8" difference :slight_smile:

I was surprised they don’t have a number stamped into them.

OPTIONS aren’t the only brand of circ that leaves out the size on the needle.
Long ago, I started using a needle sizer. It’s my best friend.
I carry one in every knitting accessories bag!

I like the new KnitPicks needle sizer. Sturdy, and inexpensive.

OPTIONS aren’t the only brand of circ that leaves out the size on the needle.
Long ago, I started using a needle sizer. It’s my best friend.
I carry one in every knitting accessories bag!

Me too.

I use a needle sizer for all my needles, it only takes a moment and I keep the sizer in my bag.

I bought the needle size markers that they sell and put one in each slot in the binder to mark my needles. And i have needle gauge thingies everywhere in the house so no worries for me. :thumbsup:

I’ve never had needles with the sizes marked on them except for my straights so I’m like the others and have several needle gauger with slots for counting stitches and metric and inch rulers on the edges.

For a long time I was very hesitant purchasing the Options set from Knit Picks, but after much debate and research I went ahead and bought almost the entire line of Options.

The unmarked needles were also a concern of mine 'cause I’m so scattered and I can barely keep track of where I put my keys, but it’s been working out fine.

If you buy the set, you get a clear zip pouch that has slots for the needles. I cut out the cardboard with the size on it and stuck it in each of the slots with the needles so I could keep track. I also have a couple of the needle sizers laying around so I put one of them in that little pouch with my tips. If you don’t buy the set, the case is $20.

I must say they really do live up to their reputation. All of my hesitations and concerns for them flew right out the window as soon as I started knitting with them. I think they’re definitely worth the little bit of organization and pre-labeling.

I keep mine in the case they came with, and I labeled the pocket things. Someone else suggested keeping the little tabs with the size (for keeping on the cables when using the tips on another project!) in the pocket to keep them straight.

I also have the needle gauge, so I can easily check if I’m not certain.

Larger than most would want, but this is where I keep all my knitting stuff. The third tier from the right has the needle tips. I have a white card with the size in each slot and keep the corresponding needle size there. …most of the time hahahahaha. I’ve considered using the small tackle boxes (as in pocket-size small) to carry my knitting notions around but haven’t had the time to go around measuring their capabilities.

My goodness! I keep trying to come up with reasons for NOT getting the Options, but you all have such great ideas, suggestions, and wonderful reports.

I don’t know why I keep prolonging it because I know I’ll eventually give in and order a set. Thank you for sharing! :muah:

Me too. I keep looking at the Options set on the website. I’m just trying to decide if the tips will be too sharp because I’ve noticed I push the end of the tip while I’m knitting. I’m trying to cut that habit so I can justify ordering the Options set.

I push the tip while I’m knitting too, and it doesn’t bother me at all with the options. I have the harmony interchangeable set, and several sock sizes of the nickle-plated fixed circs, and even though they are nice and sharp, they’re not so sharp that they bother me when I push the tip. :slight_smile:

OH, that pushing the tip.

I’ve put my #10 Options into my finger when it hit a soft spot (I think it may have been a previous hold created by #3 Boye DPNs that were extremely sharp).
I’ve also pushed the KP #3 and #4 nickel DPNs and haven’t put them through.

I guess it’s the shorter needles that put the Option in just the right spot.

Diana, I like your tackle box idea, but where do you keep your circulars?
It looks like they may be in the bottom in ziplock bags, but I try to keep mine uncurled.

They’re actually the ‘single’ zippered pouches that are sold through knitpicks. I didn’t have any use for the double/triple divided ones, but the singles I use for the cords.

bowing down to your mad tackle box organizational skills

I am lucky to corral my knitting stuff in the same room, much less nice and neat like that!

Hehe, thanks. I live in a very small apartment. Keeping my crafty stuff in one place was a must.

I actually have to do some reorganization, since I started putting my sewing stuff in there and it’s very crowded. I’ve been eyeing tackleboxes when I go shopping to get a sewing one. I bet I could give sellers a chuckle when I told them what I intend to keep in them, harhar.