Another newbie...joining new skein question PLEASE!

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][B]Hello All,

I’m BUSY, BUSY into my 2nd project since I’ve re-learned how to knit. My first was a pair of fingerless gloves. They came out great…luckily with the help of the woman who owns the knitting store in my town! She was there for me every time I lost a stitch or made some other sort of “boo-boo”. But now, here I am knitting a hat for my husband and the store is CLOSED until Tuesday and I’m STUCK!!! I’m using circular needles and everything has been fine UNTIL I finished my first skein of wool. HOW do I attach the 2nd skein? Do I TIE it somehow? I know you don’t want any kind of “knots”. Please help!!! I thank you VERY much in advance!
~JUDY~ :knitting: [/B][/FONT]

Look on the Tips page, there’s a few different methods to join ends without a knot. One that many people use is the Russian Join.

This was very helpful to me when I was attaching my first skein.
I don’t know if it goes with circular knitting (I was just making a scarf).

Anyway, good luck with the hat!

Is it the same color? If so, slip your needle into the stitch (what I like to do is) loop the tail (of the new yarn) and your working yarn over the needle (hold both ends tight) and make your next st. When you come to the next round (again what I do) I grab the tail and work it for a few stitches, snug up a bit…Make sense?:hug:

THANKS everyone for your replies! I think I’ve got it! I know I’ll be back here again with questions & comments…& it’s REALLY good to know that there are fellow knitters around to lend a hand!!! ~J.