Another new limited time free pattern

PDF at (didn’t automatically download, so make sure you SAVE this one)

no ‘until’ date listed.

‘all i want for christmas’ gloves - Free until December 31st 2014time

deconstructed cowl

direct download link @

“Free for the next 24 hours! Will be $6 starting Wednesday at 12pm Central”

I can’t figure out how to get the pattern. The Rav link takes me to a site I can’t read because I’m unilingual and don’t find the option for translation. :sad:

sorry y’all, i forgot to say, it’s a european company, and i had to use my browser’s translate feature, and then sign in using facebook (or, you can create an account) but the pattern IS free… so them’s the options.

“Free for a limited time! Only two of the 3 charted variations of this pattern are currently pictured knitted up within the pattern. A photo of the third variation and finished product is coming soon. The pattern will be updated to include the 2 extra photos and will switch over to a paid pattern on Sunday, December 7, 2014.”

this is a companion piece to the ‘louvre’ sweater. which is at and is 15% off until christmas IF you use the code ‘Winter’.

limited time free cowl pattern, limited time 15% off sweater pattern with code.

thought maybe this part of the forum would benefit from the link/info as well.

Free through December 10th, just $2.95 after that

there are 2 parts to the download - pattern, and chart, so make sure to download both. no actual date given, just limited time.

‘soft rainbow’ on ravelry has a promo for 50% off any of their patterns from dec 8-26, using code “xmas”

you can find all their patterns at

now if only my brother, ryan, actually wore cowls :slight_smile:


To celebrate the 2014 holiday season, this pattern will be available to download FREE for the first 24 hours – until 12pm EDT on December 14! (Regular price: $3.00) Happy holidays!! :slight_smile:

I’ve read that when saved to your library the pattern will be there for you to download (figured that one out already) but you won’t get updates.


free, but only until the pattern is finished, then it’s $5. and right now the pattern only goes up to row 100, so downloader beware :wink: