Another New Knitter Question

Hi, I’ve only done practice pieces and a scarf so far. Last night, I decided to attempt a baby blanket. I cast on the 120 stitches called for. I then proceeded to knit the first three rows. It was bedtime so I called it quits, but counted the stitches on my needle first. There are now 121 stitches on my needle! How’d that happen :??

I am totally clueless as to how to fix it. Should I just frog it and start over? I really don’t know what to do, but would appreciate any suggestions. :frowning:

This is most likely happening at the beginning of a row. When you turn the work, depending on how you hold the yarn, it can look like there is an extra stitch and if you knit into this, you will create another stitch.

Check out this link, I think she explains it better than I can:

Thank you. I read the link, and think you’re probably right about how it’s happening. Is there any way to fix it, or should I bite the bullet, frog it, and start over? :doh:

I would just decrease by one on your next row.

I agree. Just knit 2 together on the next row (if the next row is a knit row). I wouldn’t knit the first two sts together b/c it might cause a noticeable variation along the side of the work. Instead, I would k2tog somewhere within the row. If the next row is a purl row, then P2tog. :wink:

Thank you ladies so much! It’s straight knit for the first 10 rows, so I’ll do the increase somewhere down the next row. I appreciate the quick responses. My dh and I are heading out the door on a road trip for the afternoon; and now I can work on this blanket while traveling. :smiley: :XX:

Increase?? No no … decrease … :?? :smiley:

Ack! DECREASE. What was I saying? :rollseyes: My dh and I went out for a late breakfast before leaving town. We stopped back by the house to let the dogs out, and as we were driving in the drive, that thought flashed through my head “no, I don’t want to increase, I want to decrease”, and I ran in here to check this post again. :lol:

Decrease, I’ll decrease, a decreasing I shall go (just want to cement this thing into my brain). :mrgreen:

:thumbsup: :XX: :thumbsup: