Another LYS closing its doors

Knitting Central, a yarn mecca in Westport, CT will be closing it’s physical store in the next month. They will be keeping their online shop open after they close the store but it will still be sad not to be able to go in, ask questions and fondle the amazing selection of luxurious yarns they carried.

Their store was filled with beauty and I would go there when I felt the urge to splurge. I bought my first Lobster Pot Cashmere there and have been hooked ever since.

They are having a sale (30 - 35% savings on selected yarns) and will be open and still getting new yarns in until they close next month.

Lucky for me, there are still a couple of yarn stores in my area. But still . . .


Yeah, it is sad when a local store closes. I really like the Yarn Barn in Woodbridge and its right off the Merritt.

That IS sad. When shopping for yarn, I prefer a chance to touch the stuff before buying. My favorite LYS nearby is also having a 35% off sale this week…hope it isn’t a bad omen.