Another Jeans thread - But for us girls with hips!

Okay, I know that we’ve discussed jeans to no end and have all these websites that supposedly tell you which ones will fit you in the waist, hips, blah blah blah…

Well I’m here to tell you that I can never and I mean NEVER find any pair of jeans that will fit me. My waist is at least 3 inches smaller than my dreaded hips. So annoying.

WELL WELL WELL. I’ve finally found the perfect pair of jeans that will fit your waist and more importantly your hips. AT THE SAME TIME. No huge gapping in the back that no belt would ever reign in…

On a side note, if you are into the trendy jeans, this may not be for you. These are what I believe they call “Mom Jeans”. Well, I don’t have a choice but to wear mom jeans so I’m sending the info onto you girls.

They are from L L Bean. They are called the Comfort Waist jean, they have elastic on the sides so it pulls it in!!! No gapping! :woohoo: And they’re comfy too. I hope this helps someone else whos tired of trying on jeans that will never fit. And I don’t think they look terrible at all, I’ve bought 2 pair of jeans and another pair of khakis!

Here’s the link. LLBean Comfort Jeans

thanks for the link! i am 5’2 130 ahem something pounds, with most of it in my hips. If anything fits me it’s too long or gapes in the back. other wise it doesn’t go over my thighs, which is embarrassing. :roflhard:

Well, not sure if any of you girls are in the Big Girls department, but Torrid has some great clothes, all designed just for big girls like me. :slight_smile: They have brands like Paris Blues, LEI, Dickies… and they’ve had them custom made so they actually have room in this hips, bum, and thighs! You can’t get that at Sears! They have stores all over the country too… definitly worth a 3 hour drive to get a pair of jeans that fit…

Have you tried this site? swear by it!

On price the LLBean jeans win hands down and you can see the elasticity in the waist! I haven’t worn jeans for years because of the problem in buying here. This is why revelry is such a border shifter in having items in different sizes. Don’t you look at some jeans sites and see a size 8 (that may be a 4 in your country or less) and think…glory be…now how will THAT style suit ME.

Just looked at Torrid site…now THEY are getting more sensible with their models. :slight_smile:

The first time I walked into that store, it was instant comfort and ease, because for once, I wasn’t the “big girl” looking for that one elusive pair of size 16 jeans hiding at the back of the rack. It really was a life changing experience. :slight_smile:

I know that feeling exactly. It’s affirming and oh so niiiceee :slight_smile: You relax and just feel normal and ‘understood’ and supported.

I’ve tried them all!! I find the jeans they say will fit, then go to the stores that have them only to find they fit the same as all the others, tight in the hips, huge waist, ugh, it’s so frustrating. And I’m not even that big, but I’ve always been curvy. Smaller waist. It sucks.

I don’t mind the elastic on the LLBean jeans cause I never tuck in my shirts!! I can’t imagine tucking in a shirt!!! Haven’t done that since I was 5!!

I just wanted to give us girls another avenue, that’s all.

Does anyone know how the petites fit? I’ve got a 25 inch inseam and even petites I’m stepping on. All of my jeans are rolled up. :hair:I’ve got a butt and a gut and nothing fits me. :teehee:

*Edit to add: Bah, just saw where the petite has a 28 inch inseam

I have problems with “petite” sizes, too. Short and chubby=no pants for me! I have to buy capri pants… they reach to my ankles… and even that sometimes doesn’t work. :gah:

Oh, I hate how they don’t make capri pants for people my height. Every pair I’ve tried on are the lenght of regular pants.

I heard about I went there, put in my measurements, and got told “Sorry, we can’t find the perfect pair of jeans for you”.

The best jeans I’ve found are from Lane Bryant. Their regular cut is pretty good (and their pants are even better), but they have these new FIT jeans. I’ve got a pair of the “blue” ones, that nip in at the waist, and, wonder of wonders, they actually DO. But, their sizing is a bit off - they told me I was a 4 with my measurements, and that’s about two sizes too baggy.

LB also does petites and tall lengths.

How about jeans for us who have given birth and have that oh so lovely sag of skin hanging down in the front of our waists.:roll:

stitchwitch - does Lands’ End still hem jeans to your specifications? I’m at the height where I hem some, and some are OK.

I also like Eddie Bauer Jeans for curvy fit. My current favs are Talbots’ jeans, if I can find them on sale. I’m somewhere between sizes in the Eddie Bauer jeans, and the Talbots’ ones are right in between.

I have 40" hips and a 27’ waist…I’ve found two pairs of jeans that fit me well, ever: One was a pair of Wranglers that I’ve never seen in a store since I bought mine, and one was from the new Carhartt women’s line. They fit perfectly.

if you’re worried about your hips i wouldn’t recomend wearing the new “skinny jean” trend, it accentuates your hips. try flares