Another Gauge Question

If you check your gauge; knit your project then later decide to knit with the same yarn would you have to check your gauge again

Since I am capable of changing up gauge in the short period after knitting one sleeve and starting the next one, gauge is a difficult area for me and one that I’m working on to try and smooth out.

But technically, the answer is yes, as many knitters do change gauge over periods of time, a change of needles, seasons of the year, whether there’s hot chocolate in the mug or beer in the fridge, phase of the moon, whether the cat’s wanting to be fed…you know. :wink:

I’ll agree with Zina; people’s gauge can even change on the same project. If you’re stressed out, you can knit tighter than when you’re relaxed, etc. So it’s a good idea to at least check the project after you’re several inches into it to see that it’s on track.