Another gauge question

I´m thinking of making a sweater using either the basket weave or seed stitch. When I´m doing a gauge swatch, do I do it in plain st st, or the stitch I plan on using? Using either of those stitches shouldn`t alter the amount of yarn needed by the pattern, would it, after all, it´s still just a knit/purl combo… Karen

If you are following a particular pattern, it should tell which stitch pattern to use for your swatch. Often swatches are done in plain stockinette unless otherwise directed.

If you’re making up your own pattern, you’ll want to do your swatch in whatever stitch pattern you will be using. Then you can use that to calculate how many stitches to cast on in order to get the right width.

Thanks KnitQueen. The original pattern is a turtleneck done in st st, and I thought that it might be nice to jazz it up a bit with a different stitch.

How do you calculate how many stitches you need to cast on for the appropriate width? Sounds complicated! Karen

My comment for calculating the right width based on your gauge was meant only if you are designing the sweater yourself.

What I’d do, even though you aren’t following the pattern exactly, is make a gauge swatch in whatever stitch pattern you want to use, be it seed stitch or basketweave or whatever, and try using that stitch pattern to still get the same gauge listed in your pattern even though you’re not using stockinette stitch.

You figure it the same way as if you’re using a different yarn or needles than the pattern calls for. Do a good size swatch in the stitch pattern and see how many stitches per inch you get or how many inches in a pattern repeat. Then multiply the sts/inch times the inches you want to end up with and CO for that many. Or ust the pattern size that’s closest to that many stitches.


I´m writing this all down…

THanks guys! Karen