Another FO: Mom's Pomatomus Socks

Another FO i took pictures of. I finished it yesterday, just in time for New Year’s Eve to give my mom.
Pattern: Cookie A.'s wonderful Pomatomus Socks from Knitty.
Yarn: Peterle Strumpfwolle 6-ply.
Needles: 2.75mm.

I made only 2 pattern repeats for the leg, because my mom is short and i know that she wouldn’t like long socks.
The pattern is wonderful and very intuitive. A highly recommended knit :thumbsup:
My older cat, Kys, is modeling with me :teehee: She didn’t mind the camera, didn’t mind my feet around, just kept laying there.

These socks are absolute beauty!

:heart: Knitted with love makes them extra special! :heart:

They are GORGEOUS! I just love that pattern!

I love them. Beautiful, beautiful. I want to make those socks – thanks for the recommendation.

Beautiful job! Your mom will love them. :slight_smile:

Beautiful socks :slight_smile:

those are pretty!

Lovely color and pattern, beautifully done!

Beautiful! I bet your Mom loves them :slight_smile:

They look great. Your mother will love them.


Gorgeous socks! I just love that pattern.

Those are absolutely beautiful! I love the pattern and I really love the color. Great job and your mom will love them.
Kitty is pretty awesome too!

Love the socks! You chose a really great color for them, the yarn shows off the pattern.

Beautiful! I really like the pattern you used.

These are BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLL! Thanks for the pattern info!!

:inlove: very pretty, love the colorway!