Another eyelash yarn question

Hi all…I’m knitting a garter stitch scarf with Plymouth Boku (lovely stuff!) and am trying to add a random row or two holding the Boku and a strand of Bernat Eyelash together. My problem is that when I drop the eyelash and start knitting with Boku only again, I find extra stitches (?) or bits of eyelash on my needle, and pretty soon I’ve made an ugly hole or lump, and I have more or fewer stitches than I started out with.

Have I mentioned I’ve been knitting for about 4 months now…taught myself from Stitch & B*tch…and tend to just forge ahead without really knowing what I’m doing?

Anyway, this eyelash yarn is just what I want in this scarf, but it sure is a bear to work with! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Eyelash yarn tends to clump up in the sts and needs to be opened up. What size needle are you using? Larger is better, especially if you’re using 2 yarns together. Look at the sticky thread about extra stitches -

I’m using 10 1/2…after reading the extra stitches discussion I suspect I’m just being sloppy and/or going too fast. I love the way this stuff looks so I’m trying it again. Hey, at least I’ll get some practice unraveling!