Another "dumb" sock question

O.k. I think I’ve tackled the actual “construction” of socks:eyebrow: I have the equipment, patterns and “sock yarn”…Here’s the dilemma:How do you “use” sock yarn for socks? It’s very fine stuff ( obviously you can do “little” socks), but how bout “adult” on larger needles…The thought of holding 2 strands tog really terrifies me when working a sock pattern…What’s the deal?? :hug:

People generally like the thin yarn for socks so they can still fit their feet in their shoes. :teehee:

Seriously, though, sock yarn is just plain thin, and the needles are usually in the 0-2 range. You can certainly make socks with any size yarn or needles, but they’ll be more like slipper socks than fit-in-the-shoe socks.

I have Sensational Knitted Socks, and it’s great because it gives different stitch counts for different shoe sizes and for different yarns to make them fit right. So far I like the ones I’ve made from it better than my first pair, which was just a plain pattern with a fixed CO. They turned out too big and slide down my ankles after an hour.

A pattern with adjustments like that might help if you’re worried about size. :slight_smile:

My concerns are the actual “sock yarn”…I want to use “sock yarn” ( I have some really nice stuff) it’s the fact that it is very fine(KP’s imagination, Kroy etc) and I can’t imagine working a larger pat/large needles (to get a bigger fit) with very fine yarn…It doesn’t seem possible…babies/little feet, yes…Adults I am wondering…That’s why I wondered about holding 2 strands tog…

Oops =) If I understand correctly you’re wondering how to get bigger socks with such fine yarn…? That’s what I’m going with for now. XD

About using patterns with bigger needle size, the biggest needle size I’ve seen recommended for sock yarn is 3. You want a tight stitch, so you don’t wanna go up too much in needle size unless you knit really tight. Holding 2 strands together would make awfully thick socks. You will get bigger socks I suppose, but they won’t feel as light.

To make sock patterns bigger with the small yarn you’ll probably just have to use a pattern with a bigger CO.

If I’m still wrong forgive me. I got home from work at 1:30 this morning so my mind isn’t all here. haha :stuck_out_tongue:

My first sock was made using Silver’s tutorial. I just wanted to see if I could make a sock, so I didn’t do a swatch or anything. I can’t remember what size needle I used, but I think it was size 2, and I used a sock weight yarn. The sock is too big for me! Granted, I wear a size 6 shoe, but I would still consider myself having adult-sized feet. My 11-year-old DD has the same foot size, and I’m doing a sock for her right now on size 1 needles. I think they are going to be too big for her! I have to place a KnitPicks order this weekend for size 0 needles. Then I think I’ll FINALLY be ok!

Yes, sock yarn is very thin. It’s intended to be knit on thin needles so that you get a gauge of about 7 - 9 sts per inch. If you are knitting baby socks, you might have something like 20 sts around the leg. But if they are for adults, you’d probably have more like 50 - 60 sts around the leg. So the bigger the sock, the more sts you have, and that’s how you make a bigger sock. It might help to look at patterns to see this in actual practice.

Most sock patterns have a gauge suggested. The majority I’ve seen run about 8 stitches to the inch. For the average woman’s foot of about 8" circumference that would mean casting on approx. 60-64 stitches. The stitch count will vary depending on the pattern. If you choose a lace type pattern which is more open then you may need fewer stitches, if you are doing a cable pattern then you will need more stitches.
I have taken patterns designed to be done in sock weight yarn on a size2 needle and done it in lace weight yarn on size 0 and compensated by increasing enough stitches cast on in order to do more pattern repeats, in this case 15. I went from casting on 60 to 75. This was enough so the sock still fit.