Another cabling question

Hi folks,

I just started cabling and while working on my project I found that I’d made a mistake somewhere … the pattern reads k2, p2, c6f, p2
which I did. This project is a hat in the round. After a cabling row, I found on the next row that I had some 'holes" near my cables that looked like I dropped a stitch!!

So my question is this: If I am cabling (c6f) … where do I hold my yarn? Do I hold it to the back as if to knit … or to the front as if to purl … I knit all six stitches so I held the yarn to the back … ??

Anyone know what I did wrong? :??
Thank you,

It is very common to get what appears to be a hole when you cable. It’s just that the stitches get stretched. When you cable, you sort of have to pull the yarn tightly up to your needle and don’t let the needles and stitches get too far apart.

You did it correctly, you should knit all six stitches of the cable, and when you knit the first and last ones, make sure you pull the yarn snugly to get the stitches as close together as you can.

Thanks AGAIN Ingrid … :smiley: … will those holes wind up looking somewhat normal again or should I rip back a bit … :frowning:


It’s really up to you. You can try tugging on it and see if you can pull it back into shape. If you still don’t like the way it looks, then try again. As much as frogging is a pain, I’ve found that it’s a lot worse to look back at your finished product and wish you had.