Another blocking question

Hi all,

I read the article on blocking but my concern now is where do I block when I’m ready? The writer said that she uses a chaise on the end of her bed (or something along those lines) and the alternative is building two blocking boards which really won’t be feasible for me (at least the way she described it).

What do you use to block - ie, what do you lay it on, pin it on?

Thanks again,


I just lay things on a few stacked towels on the table or the floor.

I spread towels on an unused bed and block there, too.

I have a small apartment and a husband who gets unhappy when I crowd the place with all of my knitting. To block, I use some folded up cardboard boxes (that are folded and have never been used) purchased from a storage store and put a folded (old and colorfast, not the “good” towels) bath towel on it. This handles pins really well. I leave it on the floor in front of the TV, which I listen to when I do my blocking. I can slide the whole thing (with my work on it) under my couch when I need floor space. And I can store the cardboard boxes hidden behind a bookcase, and the towels in the linen cabinet, when I am finished. Hope this helps.

Thank you all very much! Now I’m a little less hesitant about it LOL!

Just be aware that if you have pets, what you’re blocking will likely become a bed, particularly if you have cats. :wink:

:lol: I forgot to mention that I have to put those fold-up net sweater dryers over the blocking wool or I’ll have a blob of cat hair in the middle. :wink: