Another Anthropologie Capelet with a personal touch

I did this for my son’s fiancee using Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride “pistachio”. This photo is prior to blocking. I crocheted a single chain for the button closure.
Sop 1 in NC

It’s lovely!!! She will love it :cheering:

Ohhhh I like it in the LP! Now I know what I can do besides more felted bags with all my leftover LP! :cheering:

Oooo! Too cute! :inlove:

Love it! Did you hold two strands of LP together or just one?


Thanks everybody! I just used one strand of Lamb’s Pride. I experimented several times with gauge on this project until I got it to 3 st per inch. My almost daughter-in-law is tiny(size 0/2) and I wanted to get it right. This bulky weight came out fine on size 13 needles. I did one with 11’s and it was so small I am going to give it to our granddaughter! My LYS did one of these as a sample for the store and mine matches it in size. It fits one of the sales people who is about the same size as my DIL. Sooooooooooooo I went with it. I love the yarn even though I am allergic to wool and couldn’t wear it myself. Felt like “warm butter” to knit. She is a natural blonde (imagine that!) and I think the color will be great. I am a relative “newbie” so all of this is trial by error…and lots of error!!!

So pretty! Love the way you did the button closure.

wow now that is lovely!! :slight_smile: love the big buttons they look great and they contrast very well with the yarn color :smiley: