Another 5 day felted bag for another sister

this calls for a smiley :woohoo:
I finished my second felted bag, this will also be a christmas gift for another one of my sisters
she loves to wear black and she likes fuzzy yarns so I made this bag using black lion wool and fun fur… at first i was including the fun fur with my handles, but I didnt like the way that they were turning out, so I ripped them out. I was trying to figure out another way to use the fun fur but i couldnt untangle it…:gah: so i just made the black strap without any fun fur. I am sad that i had to throw away all of that fun fur, but I am much happier with the results than I think I would have been if I had used the fun fur in the FURst place (haha, pun).
anyway, I made up the pattern by myself, it is roughly based on a picture of a bag that I saw in a magazine.
I think that the next bag I make will be suede. I want to try a softer yarn because my left pointer finger is getting a red line accross it where i had all of that wool yarn sliding over it (i am a continental knitter). It’s sore and I dont want it to get any worse.
but this bag was a labor of love and I think it was well worth it. I just hope my sister agrees

:oo: Um, can I be your sister?

Seriously you are a great brother and a wonderful knitter.

Me too. Now I know why I always wanted a brother. Wish my sister would learn to knit. That is a fabulous bag. I am so jealous that you are getting so much done on your Christmas stuff already. I have a wash cloth done!

Cute bag! Lucky sister!

Awesome bag! Your sister will love it!!

me too!!

although I just turned 18 so it would be too late for ur mom or dad to adopt me…maybe i can mess up my birth certificate and pretend im younger!

pretty please!

Oh that bag is so cute!! I love the touches of fur. It’s just perfect, and your sister’s gonna love it!

I’m sure your sister will like it. I know I would.

Oh, wow!!! It’s so beautiful! I also agree that using the fun fur on parts of the main bag and not the handles was a good way to go! I admire when a knitter comes up with such resourceful modifications, because now the bag will be easier to use and I think it looks better, too!

Bonus point for creative flair :happydance:

This one looks great too!