Announcement An Almost-Official KH Retreat

Heartland Knitting Retreat

After messaging with Amy she gave me her blessing to attach the KH name to the retreat I am planning. (Thank You Amy!!!)

Here are the quick details, you can view further details at

Dates: December 2nd, 3rd & 4th, 2005
Place: Lake Lawn Resort, Delavan WI
Cost: $450.00 for a single room; $375.00 for a double room when you sign up with a friend. This includes all lodging, food, seminars, taxes and gratuities.

Reservations are on a first come first served basis, I have 20 ladies signed up so far with capacity for 30 more. This means that KH will be the majority if you ladies fill the vacant spots.

Due to the impending September 1st deadline I must request that the entire cost be paid for rather than just the deposit. The reason for this is that I need to protect myself by making any changes with the resort as to the number of rooms reserved by that deadline.

Just a few fun details to help you decide…

Knitting with beads and wire with Annie Modesitt
Bohus Knitting with Jan Becker
Spindle spinning with Toni Neil
Door Prizes
Friday night "pajama party"
Saturday lunchtime “introduce yourself” fashion show where you model your favorite knitting project.
Saturday in house fiber market, “shop on the spot”!

This is a labor of love for me, I am putting my heart into planning a terrific weekend for all in attendance. Thank you for your consideration and now let the reservations roll in.

OMG I wish I could go, Dee!!! Ill have to be with you there in spirit and hopefully plan for the 2nd annual!!

How fun! Wish I lived closer. Hope you get it filled :slight_smile:

Hey everyone, the reason I’m liking this particular knitting retreat, is because it’s in driving distance by all of our Illinois area folks!! (Which, for some reason, we have a rather astounding number of!) And the price for this retreat is GREAT. With the cost of instructors and hotel and food, Dee is clearly not doing this for the money.

I think this location has the best potential for being the largest KH gathering we could possibly do, since we happen to have so many people in that area! But of course, they have to attend in order for it to make sense!!

Hildie? Vicky? Julies? :wink:

in her best whiney voice
Nobody ever does a knitting retreat or even a yarn show in the southeast. I’m tired of being left out!! WHAAAA!!! pout

Well that is easy… just move north :roflhard:

Well aren’t you cute. HAHA.


I agree Silver!

sniffsniff* :crying: [color=red][size=2] I know[/size][/color]

I’m all for a southern road trip…especially if its in the middle of winter! Maybe we could plan an overnight KH thing for beginning of '06??? Somewhere warm…

:frowning: We never have cool knitting retreats in Australia (at least not with women who are sub 70)…


sniffsniff* :crying: [color=red][size=2] I know[/size][/color][/quote]

sniff Does that now make it an offical pity party? :mrgreen:

Hello again,

Please do consider attending, you don’t have to live close by to attend, one of the currently registered retreat attendees is flying in from North Carolina. A year or so ago I flew to VA for one.

Retreats are great fun, knitters are some of the nicest people on earth. You will be surprised how welcome and comfortable you will feel. Your time is not all scheduled for, so expect there to be plenty of downtime to relax and chat while working on your current WIP. You can even schedule time in the spa at the resort.

Although I live in Chicagoland I am planning the retreat in scenic Wisconsin, so it’s not really in my backyard either. Of course I do not suggest that the Aussies make the trip, that would be stretching things quite a bit. I just thought WI was an easy flight for most ladies in the US (you can even fly into O’Hare) and yet still manageable for me to plan as well as being close enough for the number of Chicagoland knitters which seems to be plentiful.

sniffsniff* :crying: [color=red][size=2] I know[/size][/color][/quote]

sniff Does that now make it an offical pity party? :mrgreen:[/quote]

Maggie, Honey, ‘pity’ is not a word that exists in my vocabulary :wink:

FYI, L2C…what a great idea; were I closer and in the physical condition…I would be there in a minute; I hope ya’ll have a FANTASTIC time!! It’s extraordinarily nice of you to do this :thumbsup:

LOL :roflhard:

No, didn’t think you were suggesting that :smiley: But it would be cool to go!

POO!!! I want to go so bad!!!

I was planning on going, Dee, after you told us about at the yarn store last month, but I have to fly to Texas in January to do a residency :mad: I just can’t afford two trips :verysad:

It’s only 90 minutes away from me!!!

That sounds like so much fun! That time of year just won’t work for me. Good-luck with it!


It was a joke. :smiley:

Girl…I know it was a joke…I was joking, too :wink:

I am just about ready to open up registration for a Saturday program option.

It will include the seminars for the day which are Knitting with Wire with Annie Modesitt, Bohus Knitting with Janice Becker and after dinner Spindle Spinning with Toni Neil. Also included is the luncheon and dinner as well as the on site fiber market. The cost for the day trip is $100.00 but if you are an early riser you can meet us for breakfast add on another $10.00 ($110.00 total).

There are a limited number spots for the Saturday only option.

And I still have 5 rooms available (potentially 10 people - double occupancy) for the entire weekend.

If you would like to attend the Saturday portion please email me and I will send you an application, as this option is not currently listed on the website.

Thank you.