Annie Modesitt Fundraiser

Repost from another forum:

Many of you are familiar with the knitwear designer/teacher/author extraordinaire, Annie Modesitt. I was fortunate enough to meet her at a convention locally not long ago. She moved to Minnesota recently with plans to devote her time to her knitting career while her husband played Mr. Mom, but sadly, he has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma.

She is currently offering her pattern for the Red Carpet Convertible as a thank you gift for a donation of at least $4.50 here:

It’s a gorgeous pattern and will help a knitter and amazing resource to the crafting community in need, so wanted to pass it on.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting about this. I sent in my donation last week and have my pattern waiting for a time when I can concentrate on the charting. It will be my first pattern that I’ve done with charts like that.

I’m keeping Annie and her family in my prayers.


i also got mine last week. i am so excited to make it and that i could help her family out at such a rough time.