Animal Shelter Needs: Kinda Confused

:hug: :muah: I just want to hug, kiss, and adopt all animals in a shelter. My heart just goes out to them all. But especially under harsh weather conditions. I am looking to start making simple, easy blankets to donate to a shelter. Plan 1= I am not sure weather I should knit things to sell(to the general public via etsy) then turn around with the profit and purchase items for the animals’ needs. Plan 2= Or if simply making small animal blankets is just as needed or useful.
I live in Texas where extreme heat is the problem and obviously plan 1 could cover more than just our 2 months of winter. Plan 2 would be easier to mail to shelter outside of or very north Texas. Just mainly looking for feedback or totally different ideas.
:heart: Here’s to my love of animals,

I like the idea of knitting up the stash and giving those to the Humane Society. My knitting isn’t the ‘saleable’ kind.:rofl:

I think if I can get to it I will add this idea to my To-Do list.

Look up the Snuggles Project on the net. I make blankets for them several times a year. Their website will tell you which shelters accept blankets OR if you don’t have the time to look them up (some people even call them to see if blankets are needed at that location) you can send them directly to the snuggles project and they will distribute them where needed.


Regardless of the weather, animals need something soft to sleep on in the hard cages. I was reading that bright colored blankets help the animals to get adopted. This is a good way to practice all those stitches you want to try out. My cats have some great ones from when I practiced my fair isle techniques. It’s a good way to use up odds and ends of yarn. Just knit til you run out, add another ball, and keep going. Or you can make stripes.

Thank you for helping! I work with rescues. I’ve never knit anything for shelters, but I do want to recommend you make yourself available, or knit/crochet up a bunch of doggie diapers if you like. Especially male dogs’ which they can tend to mark and people give them up to the shelter. And you can whip one up in a couple of hours for a small-medium dog.

My patterns are called PupPee, they are free. You can search for PupPee on my blog or see it on Ravelry here.

Now… How do you clean the diapers? :stuck_out_tongue:
I might make a few… I am a new knitter though :knitting: . Are they hard to make???