Animal scarves?

I posted this request on the pattern page, but decided to try here too. I made the snake scarf that susie1955 posted. I think it would be easy to add ears and a longer snout for an elephant and possibly round off snout for a bear. Does anyone have any animal scarf patterns for children?

There’s one for a fox if you can crochet in one of the later issues of Crochet! magazine. That one kinda creeps me out, though; looks like a dead animal is on your neck. But I guess some people like that look . . .

If you go to Merino Wools website…they have a ton of animal scarves to try. Looks fun!

can you be more specific?? which Merino site?

:thinking: I want to say Merino Wool or Merino I"m not sure as I was checking around on this site and came across a bus scarf to knit and when I clicked on it it brought me to the site where there were tons of animal scarves to knit. I"ll keep checking and get back.

i think it’s the Morehouse Farm site. At least that is where the bus pattern is.

Here is the site:

Those are cute!

Yes, that’s the site. Love it. And could ya’all tell me how to get the cute pictures that are under your names? I’ve tried several things under my profile but I guess I"m not doing it right?

I went to and made a meez. You have a zillion choices as to hair eyes, clothes, etc. I then downloaded it to my desktop, reduced it to the necessary size, 100 x 100 and no more than 12 kbs and in the avatar line on my profile page downloaded it from the desktoop.

Glad that was the right page.

:?? Thanks I’ll try that, but I’m pretty illiterate when it comes to what you just explained. I noticed yours is different than others. Where do you think they got theres?

If you google avatar, you’ll come up with a few links.