Angora yarn- NEED stitch pattern idea/a mesh or lace type, please!

Hi Guys & Gals- Ive been poring over the web and my knitting books for 3 days unable to locate a simple, airy and “hole-y” stitch pattern for an angora wool that is worsted weight, for a scarf. Don’t need the whole pattern just a stitch to use. Feather Fagoting looks like, I am wanting something like that, that is a mesh open type. Ive already spent 2 hrs on Ravelry, a day on Knitting Fool,l til my eyes crossed. Please help with any stitch ideas you have or see- maybe I am not finding the forest for the trees lolol- or I am too anxious because Christmas is coming and I am in too much of a rush but I can’t seem to find one, simple mesh or lace type for this yarn. No complex patterns or leaf or any designs, it being Angora it needs a simple repeating mesh or lattice type- maybe a four stitch pattern or so. Simpler looking the better. Angora is so hot that I can’t use it for a tighter stitch, mom lives in N California and it only gets 50F maybe in wintertime. I would be SO grateful if someone has a stitch that works.

EDIT-UPDATE: I just strolled over to KnittingHelp’s pattern directory and found this: I think it might work- if anyone has any better ideas, leave me a reply I will appreciate it. Anyone else freaking out about getting their holiday gifts done in time? I DID start in August, but you know how it is, you end up having to make something else instead of what you planned. Thank you in advance.

That looks good. Here’s another. It’s originally made in lace weight, but it could be adapted for worsted weight if that’s what you have.

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lol are you psychic? Because I have this WISP pattern up right now in my browser window. I think I will go with this, but I will leave out the “bars” that run every few rows (wonder if that will mess it up I don’t know) I like this one too I found only ONE angora pattern in Rav. that’s free for what I am looking for. I have mohair, Angora, Cashmere yarns (not a millionaire, bought them at a steal out of going out of business yarn store).

That’s pretty, too!

I thought of Wisp because I’ve made several of them. I used fingering weight yarn yarn though. Mostly sock yarn I think.

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I like the look of it, I wish there were a pattern like this that starts out with one or two sts and increases along the way, to make a diagonal, but you really can’t with this stitch pattern, it won’t look right in the end. I also just found two balls of cobweb mohair in my stash, I will have to wait til after the holidays to get started on those. My only hope with this Angora scarf is that mom likes it. I’d hate to waste this fantastic yarn on something somebody won’t wear, you know?

That’ll be a lovely gift! I can’t wear anything like that…too itchy. Sigh…

Just saw this on FB.

These all look like such pretty designs. Using large needles can help open up the pattern too if you like. I’d be happy to have any one of them, and in angora, yummy.

I tried a few lace-y patterns, and I was not happy with any. I unraveled this yarn so many times, lol. I just gave up, am working on “King Charles Brocade” which is like a diamond pattern. Just purls and knits throughout, no yarn overs. Using larger needles though! I love the holidays but I get so anxious with making all the gifts. I end up wasting more time than I should.