And Speaking of alPAKa

I had never used it because I thought it was expensive. I found some 70%acrylic and 30% alpaca Bernat yarn on sale and bought some to make a scarf as a gift. It did feel very soft but half way through the scarf, I put it around my neck and it felt so scratchy! I finished the scarf and tried again but it was so uncomfortable that now I don’t know if I want to give it away or not. Is it suppose to be scratchy like that? It was as bad as wool on me. Maybe my skin was too sensitive to it.

Even alpaca doesn’t work for everyone…me included. It feels soft to my hand, but I can’t stand it around my neck.

I find that I can better tolerate some animal fibers that are smooth and not fuzzy. Alpaca always seems to be fuzzy.

I have some of the Bernat alpaca blend and I’m going to make mittens or fingerless mitts with it. :thumbsup:

BTW - Not all acrylics are created equal either… think of Red Heart Super Saver vs. Caron Simply Soft for instance. So if other alpacas work fine for you this one may be the blend.

Thanks Jan. I know about the difference in cheap acrylic and better ones, Red Heart cheap stuff…I’ve only found it to be good for afghans. Simply Soft…I love it! So maybe I do have hope for alpaca yarns. I’ll keep looking around.

I have some of that yarn too that I made a shawl from. It’s a bit scratchy on my neck and I’m not sensitive. I’ve only washed it once, but I think it may lose some of the hairs that make it itchy the more you wash it.

Yeah, quality varies between brands.

I’ve only made one project out of 100% alpaca. It was warmer than a comparable weight of wool. I had to use larger needles, to open up the pattern. Otherwise, it would have just been too hot. It also felt more crinkly than wool.

I really like the new Stitch Nation Alpaca Love which is 80% wool and 20% alpaca. I made a nice soft pair of socks for myself and a neckwarmer, hat and mitts for a cousin. You can buy it at Joanns and I have seen it on a couple of other websites recently, possibly Herschnerr’s ( I forget.) It is heavy worsted weight.