An FO and a WIP

Oh, my posts in this section seem to be few and far between lately. <sigh>

First of all, here is a little baby sweater that I knit for some friends & then discovered that their newly adopted daughter was much larger than this sweater. :lol: Also, this sweater is the project on which I discovered I had forgotten how to purl. :doh: So, here it is … twisted stitches and all …

So, after discovering the twisted stitches and the actual size of their daughter, I decided to knit Emma’s Sundress (see link in my sig). Here’s the back (sans twisted stitches):

The front is underway but not picture-worthy. Off to bed now … nighty night, all!

I like the cardigan! The dress is cute too.

I like them both =D Really lovely :cheering:

:cheering: :cheering: Both are lovely. The colors of the dress are perfect for a little girl!

I love the color of the sundress! What yarn did you use?

Very pretty!!

Beautiful job - I love the color of the cardigan!


Very nice, Julie!! :inlove:

Those are beautiful, DM!! I love the look of twisted stitches! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Angelia – I think those are your specialty, aren’t they? :lol:

Ooops … forgot to post yarn data:

Quickie Baby Sweater: Caron Simply Soft (which I understand doesn’t wear well … <sigh> …oh well … good thing babies grow fast!)

Sundress: Plymouth Wildflower DK Fancy, but it’s discontinued. I really love how it looks knitted up, but to be honest, it’s kind of a pain to knit with. It’s pretty splitty, and the colors are added by twisting a very fine, knobby thread around the strand of yarn.

Both are beautiful! I really love the sundress - the pattern and the yarn you used are a very nice combination. :inlove:

:smiley: Love them both…especially the sundress…LOL, another pattern that I’ve got to knit for my granddaughter…It’s very similar to the one I"m converting and designing for her now…love the eyelets.

Quickie Baby Sweater: Caron Simply Soft (which I understand doesn’t wear well … <sigh> …oh well … good thing babies grow fast!)

What?! My MIL just got some for an afghan she’s crocheting! What do you mean when you say it doesn’t wear well?

Both are beautiful! I just love that little sundress!

I love the colors of the sundress! It’s so bright and cheerful!

I’ve only made handbags using caron and I’ve not had trouble with it. I’m making a scarf with it right now.

I :heart: that sundress - I’ve already bookmarked it! :thumbsup:

Beautiful projects!! :thumbsup:

I have made DEFINITE plans to make that sundress for my granddaughter. I printed out the pattern and put it in a basket with some yarn I bought at a yarn store a couple years ago. I’ve been wondering what I was going to make with that yarn!

It’s Cashmore Bulky Cable from Trendsetters Yarns, which is 50% Lambswool and 50% Myoliss Microfibra. It’s a soft, worsted weight yarn in a nice peach color, and I have 4 skeins!


Sandy – that will be beautiful AND soooooffffftttt! Mmmm.

As for the Caron Simply Soft comment … I’m only going on the comment from a fellow knitter who has received gifts made with it for her children. I, personally, have never used it before. I actually areally enjoyed knitting with it, and it is really soft.

Sorry to alarm so many. :oo: I hope it works out splendiferously for anyone who uses it. I bought two more skeins of it myself. Perhaps I’ll use them to make something for DD and see how it wears.

I hope so! I’m gonna give it a try. Here’s a photo of the yarn.