An easy sock pattern?

Hi! I was wondering if any one could help me.

I’d like to knit a pair of socks! I feel it is time LOL! I’ve been practicing knitting in the round and I do think I’ve got the hang of it.

Could any one recommend a simple beginners pattern for socks knitted in the round? I’ve got size 4 metric needles which I think are size 5 or 6 US.

Thanks for any help!

I’m new, too, and don’t know an easy pattern but I can recommend a sock DVD at Knitpicks that makes it make sense to me like written instructions don’t.

I have to say that Silver’s sock class is the way to go when you’re first knitting socks. Some of the instructions are a little confusing and her site has pictures that illustrate each instruction. It’s really quite amazing and it’s found here.

I agree with knitgal. For your first ever sock, Silver’s Tutorial is the ONLY way to go!!!

I have a sock pattern that is magic loop method that I wrote for a fried who wanted to learn socks and magic loop. If your interested please PM me and I can send you the pattern. You would need a 5mm US 8 needles.

I need to check Silver’s class!

About 4 years ago I saw this article in Martha Stewart Living Mag and tore it out and have kept it until now. Here is the link:

I just knit the first sock and am on the second and I thought it was really easy. The pictures were easy to see and the instructions were good. (the instructions for picking up stitches was vague but I have a good book to reference) Now, there is no gauge given so I used the sock yarn listed in the article (Regia) and size 3 dpn’s. The first sock fits and looks great. You could find a yarn with a similar gauge if you couldn’t find the Regia.

Good luck, sock knitting is so great! You’re going to love it!

If that link doesn’t work, go to her website and type “knitting socks” into the search area. It’s the first article that comes up. There are instructions for a christmas stocking and baby socks in the same pattern as well.

I second (or is that third) the Silver’s tutorial as an easy pattern for beginners. It works just like magic!

I agree with Silver’s Turorial–it’s the only way to go.

I used to be a technical writer and Silver’s instructions are written so clearly that I believe, anyone can understand them. That, plus her pictures makes her Tutorial one of the best I’ve seen in the knitting world.

thank you all so much!

I’ll have a look at all of your suggestions!:muah:

How’s about this one: very easy to follow:hug: