Amy's suggestion on K2, P2 ribbing to avoid loose K stitches

Hi all:

Well, I’m back with another question! :teehee: I’m trying the second suggestion that Amy gave this morning to tighten up the loose knit stitch that seems to always happen right before the purl stitch- She wrote: “work the first purl stitch through its back loop, which will twist it and consequently tighten it.” Okay, I get that! Now, how do you work it on the next row, etc? Do you just repeat this? :??

I would appreciate your help. This ribbing has been a little frustrating to me, in that I want all my knit stitches to be uniform and not get loose ones, which invariably always happen when I do ribbing. :wall:

I hope someone can help me out on this!

Thanks! :muah:

Hopefully, the combined knitters on this forum will see this Tuesday morning and give you a better response than I will. Here’s what I can contribute.

Flat knitting 2x2 rib:
In the first row of 2x2 rib, wrap the yarn clockise around the needle on every 1st purl stitch. When you do the second row, you have to untwist these stitches. The twisted purl stitches from the first row will be knit stitches on the 2nd row. Look for all the 2nd knit stitches on this 2nd row and knit them TBL. You’ll also wrap the yarn clockwise around the needle on all the 1st purl sts, just like you did on the first row. Here’s an excerpt from Nona Knits page:

So listen carefully and I’ll tell you my ribbing secret. When purling the first stitch after a knit stitch, wrap the yarn clockwise instead of counter clockwise. And remember, when you encounter a “twisted” stitch – a stitch with its left leg in front of the needle instead of its right leg – knit (or purl) that stitch through the back loop.

Knitting in the round 2x2 rib:
On the 1st round, wrap yarn clockwise on all 1st purl sts. Now, on the 2nd round it’s slightly different. Purl all twisted sts TBL AND wrap the yarn clockwise. Two things are happening: 1) you’re untwisting a stitch; and 2) you’re creating a new twisted purl stitch.

What am I not certain about? When doing the 2nd row of combined 2x2 rib, do you wrap the 2nd knit sts clockwise so that this vertical column of stitches is always being twisted on every single row like it is for knitting ITR? This is where the more experienced combined knitters need to jump in! :??

OK, I just found the earlier post that you were referring to…

In answer to your question concerning the ptbl method, I don’t know the answer to that. I’m only familiar with Nona’s method of wrapping the 1st purl sts clockwise and then knitting TBL on the next row. If you choose to do Nona’s method, I found a little trick that makes my knitting look even better: tug your left needle forward and you right needle backward with your wrists at the same time between the two purl stitches to even them out.

Good Morning All:

Thank you Jackie for your wonderful suggestions. I’ve been trying a couple of different techniques for this and I think I’ve found one that works best for me! YAY!!! :cheering:

I so appreciate everyone’s suggestions. You are wonderful! :heart:

Have a wonderful day and I will try these as well! :slight_smile:

Thank you and have a great day! Sue :muah: