I want to learn buttonholes, so I watched Amy’s video on one row buttonholes. I followed along and YEA, I did it! :cheering: I can now make a one row buttonhole. But…I like the lookes of vertical more and want to learn that. I have been through 5 knitting books and I cannot for the life of me, understand the instructions for vertical buttonholes. I can’t even get through the first step. I need to see it to understand, or maybe someone can, in very simple terms, explain it to me. I am stumped :??

Here are the directions for Vertical Buttonholes from the Harmony Guide:

  1. First mark the button positions on the button band, then judge how long you want the buttonhole to be. Mark this length equally balanced above and below the button.

  2. Work to the position of the buttonhole, then divide the work by dropping the old yarn, joining in another ball of yarn and working to the end of the row.

  3. For the next few rows, until the buttonhole is the required depth, continue to work each side separately so that the band is divided into two parts.

  4. To close the buttonhole, work across the whole row with the original end of yarn. Strengthen the top and bottom of the buttonhole with a stitch using the spare ends of yarn.

Ta da!

Ingrid, those are the same instrucktions I have read, but I don’t understand 2-4 :thinking:

When you drop the yarn at the buttonhole and attach a new yarn, you’re going to leave a space between the old yarn and the new yarn. The two stitches will not be connected. This is the start of your button hole.

You work to the end of the row with the yarn that you’ve connected. When you turn to purl back, you work up to the hole, drop your yarn, pick up the yarn on the other side of the hole and work to the end.

Turn, knit back up to the hole, drop the yarn, pick up the other yarn, etc.

For however many rows you do this, you will not be connecting the row. there will be a gap as if you had two separate pieces of knitting on your needle.

When the hole is the length you want it to be, you knit straight across the top and this will once again join the two pieces together. You will have to reinforce the top and bottom with a little stitch, or the stitches there will be stretched out.

Okay, I think I’m understand what you’re saying now. Will need lots of practice pieces, but I will try.

I think if you make yourself a little swatch and put a buttonhole in it they’ll be a great big :figureditout: as you see what happens.

I did it!! :cheering: I made a swatch, took your instructions, and although I was very clumsy and it turned out very loose, I did it. I have the idea now so with a few more swatches to get the hang of it, I’ll be ready for vertical or horizontal buttonholes. Thanks Ingrid!! :thumbsup:

:cheering: I’m glad it worked out. I knew you could do it if you just sat down with some needles!