Amount of yarn needed for socks?

OK, it’ll be a long time before I knit a pair of socks, but I found the Knit Picks Dancing sock yarn and have to have some. How much would I need to knit a basic pair of socks (I wear a size 10)–I’m thinking 2 skeins or 3? Thanks!

Unless you are going to make extra long cuffs or larger than average around, 2 should be plenty!

Mama Bear

Thanks, Mama Bear! Also, can you knit socks on circular needles, or do you need the 3 DPN’s? (This is all so new to me, sorry)

I took a look at your blog, love the things you have created! Are you in the mountains somewhere?

You can knit socks on one very long circular (called magic loop knitting), two shorter circulars, four DPN, or five DPN. Most pattern instructions are written for four DPN, but once you’re familiar with any of the other methods, it’s not hard to adjust any pattern to suit.

If you’re unsure about yardage, you might consider making your first pair of socks from the toe up. With a toe up pattern, you’ve already knit the foot, so you can stop knitting the cuff when you like the length or have run out of yarn. With a cuff down, you have no idea how long the cuff can be and still leave enough yarn to make it to the toe cast off.

Here are toe-up and two-circular tutorials and
the famous Silver’s Sock Class for cuff down 4 DPN and an explanation of magic loop with socks.

I have to agree…toe up is the way to go! So much more control over the amount of yarn you have vs the final size, leaving enough for the 2nd sock etc. In general 100g skein will make a basic pair of women’s socks…depending on how long you want the cuffs. I wear a 9 and have done 8" cuffs on each with one 100g skein.

For a beginning sock person, I would start with DPN’s first until you get the hang of it. Unless you are already very familiar with the magic loop or two circular sm. diameter knitting.