American Girl Doll Measurements?

Hi fellow knitters…
Can anyone tell me the measurements of the American Girl Doll?

I need :

  1. head circumference (for a hat)
  2. leg circumference (for leggings) I read the length is 7"
  3. waist circumerence

I found a few patterns but they are all in WW and I want to use up some stash yarn … sport weight.

Patterns links would be great as well :yay: I have been to knitting pattern central … any others?

Thanks … KC

the measurements of our doll, in her undies, are in bold. HTH! I love AG doll patterns, right now I’m making a skirt from an American School of Needlework book called Matching Knits for Girls and Dolls. it has some cute sweater patterns in it.

this is an adorable crochet pattern for AG dolls- I made it in sugar and cream cotton and it is great- cuter than the pic on the blog:

this one fits AG dolls:

this nightie is next on my to do list after this skirt set:

a cardigan:

and the inevitable poncho:

have fun and I’d love to see your designs/ work!

thanks so much for the dimensions … and the pattern links.
I love the night gown … I think I will try that one soon.
Right now I have 1 legging done … and now I can check measurements for the second. Since I knit it flat I can adjust size with the seam. I really wanted to knit in the round but needed the sizes… so THANK YOU.

I haven’t posted pics on this forum yet … but perhaps if the set comes out good enuf I will :woot:

Take care … and have a wonderful weekend~!

you are so welcome! have fun with it- MKZ

well … my first attempt at american girl knitting was a hit.:woot:
I made a simple hat … scarf & leggings. My neice called from Cali today and thanked me. She said it was perfect and that it will keep “Lily” nice and warm when she goes camping for labor day cloud9

Then I found out she as TWO AGDolls … so it looks like I have a new project this weekend :slight_smile:

those are so cute!!! I am so glad she likes them. they turned out great.