Ambigram knitting tattoo for a friend

I designed this tattoo for her, and she wasted like no time getting it done. (Because her brother is the tattoo artist!) My upcoming tattoo is similar, it’s the same concept, but a different design. I’ll get mine done on Oct 3rd.

It’s an ambigram.

And if you flip it over:

I’ve already offered on Ravelry, but if anyone is interested in me designing an ambigram tattoo for them, let me know. I don’t charge much! :slight_smile:

That is neat!! :woot:

Soooooo cool!!!

That looks neat! It took me a bit to realize it’s flipped and mirrored. Very cool!

wow you are good

I really like that.

That’s so cool!!! Yay for you :slight_smile:

what a lovely design, well done

Thanks everyone! I can’t wait for mine! Lol

Very cool!

You have seen this, haven’t you? :slight_smile:


This is quite possibly one of the coolest tattoos I have ever seen. I want one! (I just don’t know what I’d want it to say, lol)

OMG! Can you do names too? My daughters are Jillian and Grace…probably impossible but it can’t hurt to ask:-) Jill, Gracie…those could be subbed in too…

Ok i’m a total idiot I’m looking at the tattoo…Which by the way is totally Faboo…and i see the first one says knit and for the longest time (a good 5-10 min) i can’t figure out what the second one says:??. Then my DH finally looks at it and right away without even thinking he says it says purl…:doh::doh::doh:…Of course my non knitter DH who thinks knitting is weird would know what it says :teehee:

:oops: oops I thought it said Rules! But I got it now, Knit, Purl.

Just lovely.

oooo - I love that! Looks awesome!

Uh… no, I hadn’t! But I swear, I had that idea months ago! I was thinking about getting another tattoo while I was knitting and thought if I could only knit for tattoos! :teehee: LOL

I can only try, huh? I think Jillian & Gracie would be easiest since the number of letters is closest. :wink:

If anyone is interested (I’ve already gotten a few inquiries), I’ll do ambigrams of anything you want for $25 plus $1.50 a letter. For example, Knit/Purl would be $25 + $12 (8 letters x $1.50), or $37. You can choose a font style you like (blackletter, script, old english, etc) and I’ll work from that.

That’s awesome

Oh my gosh…I love that shirt.

Fabulous design Kristin!

That is AWESOME :notworthy: You are so creative!