Amazing Yarn Swift! Good Price!

I just got the COOLEST swift on eBay!

Altogether, I only paid $27, INCLUDING SHIPPING!

It works great, and will hold several sizes of yarn skeins. I couldn’t be happier.

The eBay seller’s name is “theknitstore”.

Right now, he only has one swift left to sale. I guess he makes them one at a time, then lists them.

I have this one- and I LOVE it!!! Yay for you! it folds up really nicely, and it turns very smoothly. he even sends two extra pegs incase one or 2 get misplaced. and the wood is really pretty. and I gotta say the price was right too!

I just brought one!!! Now there are 4 left.

I’ll have to check this out when I get home from work… I really need a swift!!!

got one also!!!
thanks Shandeh!!!

You’re welcome! I’m so glad you could all benefit from the great deal! :thumbsup:

I’ve been winding hanks into balls all day now, smiling the whole time. :slight_smile:

I used to have a vintage metal swift, but it bit the dust. This one is SO much nicer, and a lot easier to use. I can just stand there, put the yarn on it, arrange the pegs to the size I want, hook it up to my yarn winder, and start turning. What a joy!

Good luck, my friend! There are 2 available right now! :wink:

(I listed this under the General Knitting, and the Creating Yarn category, so about 6 of you have ordered one today!)

I think the seller owes me a commission! :teehee:

He just listed a different swift as well. (I guess he sees everyone buying right now.)

The other one is the “large” size, which will accomodate larger skeins.

I told the seller it had been mentioned on a knitter forum…so he may get busy…

Wow. That looks very similar to an ebay swift that I posted about last year, but from a different seller. I recommend his swifts as well, though they’re a tad more expensive than Shandeh’s (higher material costs maybe). In his description, he explains that the first one that he made was for his wife for Mom’s Day. :heart: Isn’t that romantic?

It’s weird that I missed theknitstore when I was looking last year since I did a [I]lot[/I] of shopping around… Oh, okay, after scanning their feedback record, it looks like they just started offering the swifts on ebay this spring. Well, if they happen to run out, anyone who’s interested in a similar one should consider the guy I mentioned. He was really nice, and shipped super fast. It looks like the main difference is that he finishes the dowels to match, and gives 2 extra instead of 1. Otherwise, the designs are virtually identical.

I bought a swift from this seller (cbgerstner) too! I think I got mine last year, and he’s a great seller. I got it in the mail 2-3 days after I bought it - I was very impressed.