Amazing Book Mark!

[COLOR=“SeaGreen”]Listen on how to make this awesome book mark! You will need:
*school box(with book mark shape on cover)
*washable markers
*glue(probaly elmers or any would work.)

Now take the school box and on the part shaped like a book mark, take the washable markers and color on that part.Then put glue all over! You could spread out the glue but,i wouldn’t. Now wait for it to dry. After dry peel it off! THERE! AMAZING BOOK MARK!!:woot::thumbsup: :cheering: :happydance: :woohoo: [/COLOR]

Where would you get the school box with the bookmark on it? This sounds like fun!

Well any where with school supplies would work. The one i have says spacemaker on the book mark spot.Walmart might be the best place.:wink:

Thanks! I’ll check it out this weekend when I run my errands. This sounds like a great gifty idea.

[COLOR=“SeaGreen”]it takes around 2-3 days or so to dry.[/COLOR]