Am i twisting my stitches?

I thought i had figured out what i was doing wrong with my knitting but now that i’ve been practicing the stockinette stitch it seems that i’m twisting my stitches somewhere. Can anyone look at this and figure out whether it’s my knit or my purl stitch? If it helps i just finished a row of knitting and am getting ready to flip my needle and purl but i took this picture BEFORE i did that. :thinking:

Thanks ahead of time! I am anxious to start a project but want to get the basics down before i do anything.

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:?? Hmm - I don’t see anything wrong? Where do you see twisted sts?? I don’t see any…

It’s probably with where you put the needle whilst doing the Knit stitch. Whether the needle is to the ‘front’ of the work or at the ‘back’ of the work while you’re knitting. I have been knitting for over 40 years(OMG!!! :roflhard: ) and have always done it ‘wrong’ so my stocking stitch always has a nice slight texture (have not had any complaints)
It doesn’t seem to affect pattern work.

Maybe try a swatch of each method and chose the one you like the look of best and that works easily for you. :XX:

Warmest Regards Pam

i only found out i was twisting my purl stitches by someone ELSE saying they had a hard time purling into a knit row and seeing them be told it wasn’t normal. When i purled i had my yarn in front just like i was suppose to but instead of coming in front and over the needle, i was going behind the needle and up over it back to the front. (hope that makes sense.) it wasn’t until i rewatched amy’s video that i saw that i was wrapping that around the wrong way.


I can’t really tell from your photo, but check out Amy’s videoon recognizing twisted stitches and maybe you can tell. It’s down a ways on the page.

Here’s some more help.

The easiest way to tell if you’re twisting your stitches is to spread them out on the needle and look closely to see which leg of the stitch is closer to the tip of the needle.

With the tip of the needle pointing right,

  • if the front leg of the stitch is the one closest to it, the stitch is not twisted.

  • if the back leg of the stitch is the one closest to the tip, the stitch is twisted.

Check after a knit row and again after a purl row.

I would definitely check the video or the article posted previously. There are a few ways to twist your stitches, I know because I used to.

Looks like you might, and I am only guessing because of how your stitches lay, they generally look like a v, but one leg goes below the other, thats how I knew I was twisting my stitches, but nevermind that. Just look at the video and the article.

You will probably be able to figure it out. Otherwise, we’d probably have to see a video of you knitting. If you still cant do that, we could use a closer picture with you pulling the knitted fabric down away from the needle so we can see the legs of the individual stitches, but even then we wouldnt really be able to tell you how to fix it without seeing what you are doing.

If I were you, I’d look at the vids here and just look at them as if you are learning all over again step by step to see if you are doing something different. and then study how the legs sit. It takes a minute to get it, but once you do, it’s a great help.

I was Knitting incorrectly for a month or so
I was twisting my Purls, and knitting oddly :frog:
it ‘worked’ but was not nearly as much fun as it is now
once you get it
things will make a lot more sense (that is what happened to me anyway)

I will also check the “legs” of my stitches to see. You ladies are the best! THANKS! :thumbsup: