Am I the only person

Who has complete problems with purling? I’ve watched the videos, I’ve read how-to’s… But I simply cannot ‘get’ it. I’m frustrated because I wanna purl! Is there some super top secret thing that I’m missing?

I can learn the secret handshake if needed. :teehee:

For me, it was just one of those things like when I first learned to ride a bike: it seemed utterly impossible physically (and emotionally) until one day, after trying again and again and again, it just clicked in. All of a sudden, my body just “understood” it.

Hang in there, it will come. Try different ways until your hands catch on. God Speed!

Don’t feel bad. I was such a slow learner in my first knitting class they wouldn’t even teach me to purl. I was having so much trouble with the knit stitch!! Once I learned that, then I had to get help at my LYS to do a purl stitch. When I finally figured it out, the best thing I did was to make a ribbed scarf where all I did was knit and purl.

Hang in there…you’ll get it. Don’t give up!!

When the rest of the group learning with me moved onto purling, I stuck with knitting for quite a bit longer, as I just didn’t quite get it, either.

I’m gonna 'splain it to you, just in case hearing it one more way might help it click. You might consider going to your local yarn store or finding someone to actually show you how to do it…it’s MUCH easier than even a video.

First, bring your yarn to the fron of your work between your needles. The yarn will be resting on top of your right-hand needle instead of coming from behind it.

Then, take that right needle and put it into the first stitch on the left needle…but from the top instead of underneath. Sort of like “scooping” the stitch up. Your needles will be crossed with the right needle over the left, sticking into the top of the stitch.

Then take your working yarn between the needles and around the right needle (you’re going counterclockwise --over the top, on the side away from you, and ending up coming underneath the right needle) and pull the wrapped yarn (new stitch) under the stitch on the left needle and slide the old stitch off.

Probably doesn’t make any more sense just reading it. I know my initial problem with purling was wrapping the yarn backwards.

But don’t be discouraged…it WILL come if you keep at it!

No one at my knitting group every figured out what exactly I was doing wrong. Every st. ended up with 2 strands coming out of it… I wasn’t double wrapping the yarn, but the real way I was doing this was never figured out by anyone.

Going from the top into a stitch confused the majority of our class. Everyone kept trying to insert from the bottom like in knitting.

Don’t give up, keep trying.

You didn’t mention if you knit as a ‘thrower’ or continental. There is a huge difference in how the yarn is handled. If you don’t know the difference, it’s even possible that you are watching the wrong version for the type of knitter you are, which would add to the confusion.

Don’t get discouraged. When you think about it, there’s only the two stitches…knit and purl. It’s what you can do with those two stitches when you get a little more experience that’s fun. If you know of anyone who knits maybe that will help you get the hang of it. Just keep on keepin’ on and you’ll get it, I promise. We all go through this. I still come across stitches I don’t understand, but just keep practicing. You’ll be amazed how easy it is when you finally get it. Let us all know when the light comes on…we’ll be here to congratulate you :muah:

Same here … now that I understand it I love knitting so much more. Something that helped me tremendously was the “I Can’t Believe I’m Knitting” DVD put out by Leisure Arts. I checked it out from the library and I must say after watching the DVD through one time so much of the knitting made much more sense to me. HTH!

If you need more help than the videos here’s a few more links that helped me when I was learning. Sometimes it helps to print them out and have them next to you so you can refer them easier.