Am I the only one scared of the LYS?

I went to my LYS one time…and I felt a weird vibe…of course I was a fairly new knitter, and I had no intention of buying anything. There was a round table of old ladies knitting…And yarn from Russia and all over. So expensive tho! I looked through lots of pattern books, but now I’m scared to go back. I’m one of those Window shopper people, so if it’s a locally owned store I feel like I’m expected to buy something, unless the people are super friendly. These people didn’t come right out and say anything except “Do you knit or crochet?” and I found out that you use more yarn to crochet than to knit.

I just don’t know if and when I’m going back…I don’t horde yarn anymore if I don’t have a project in mind (I know… it’s crazy, but I figured it’d do know good just sitting there…I have two boxes full from past splurging anyway.)

should I be scared? haha. I feel kinda dumb for feeling out of the loop. Everyone is always talking about their LYS being so cool…and I go to one here and it’s just…not so amazing. I prolly should go back just to see what’s there again so I can make a note of it, but every skein there is like 10 bucks a pop. Egads…no job here, so I hardly have any money to spend!

Maybe I’m just a cheapskate…but some people are yarn whores.

I felt a little weird the first time I went to an LYS…but QUICKLY overcame that when I learned to kinda know what I was lookin’ for. Give it another shot! Go with a pattern in hand sometime…you may get a different vibe.

ah, thanks for the inspiration :slight_smile: Maybe I will take a trip there when I have that clog pattern…if I have the cash! :lol:

I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt weird the first time.

I’ll admit I’m scared of our LYS! I mean, it’s a beautiful store with beautiful stuff AND they also sell belgian chocolates…mmmmmm…but like you, I’m scared off immediately by the price of the stuff there, still it’s nice to browse around a bit. I have bought a few needles there but no yarn. The ladies seem a bit yarn-snobbish to me. :lol:

Because of my price range, I’m more likely to be found in Michael’s, or my latest thrifty idea, recycling sweaters that I buy at Value Village. :smiley:

I must be really lucky with my LYS…

Sure, they have the $35 a ball Annie Blatt stuff, but they also have Patons and an Australian brand called “Heritage” that are at ‘normal’ prices… :smiley:

Plus, the knitting queens there all know me by face (some by name), and are all very lovely… :smiley:

Y’all should move to Sydney :smiley:

I know everytime I go in I am going to spend. The ladies are wonderful, someone is always sitting at a table knitting, it is a wonderful place to visit here for anyone. I have recieved so much help and met some great people. One lady I met makes clothing like a designer, I am always dropping my jaw when I see what she does. The owner couldnt be any more helpful or down to earth friendly. Just go in the waters fine. du du duuudududududu

The only LYS I have is owned by a woman who is kind of airy fairy, but knows her sh*t pretty well. I’m only afraid to go in because my poor wallet is already so abused and empty, LOL

My first LYS experience was AWFUL … I have only been back to that store one time and again, AWFUL. Sadly, it is the only one less than an hour away and it’s 45 minutes! And I live in a CITY!!! This was my first summer as a vacation/travel knitter and … I have been in YS in Naples, FL, Ft. Myers, FL , St. Simons, GA, Lisbon (yarn department at store and no one spoke english … and they were STILL NICE) and several in London and they were ALL WONDERFUL!!! The PEOPLE, the yarn, the needles, the accessories … I really really think it depends on the store and the atmosphere the owner “makes”.

So, how many miles away can it be to still by a “L” YS ???

I think a lot of us are a bit intimidated in a yarn shop. I know that I always wonder how much I could find a particular yarn for on line. I usually only go to my Not So LYS–NSLYS–(its about 40 min) when I need something specific right away. Or when they have their big summer and winter sales. But even then, last time I went I bought a bunch of wool that I haven’t even used yet. Next time I think I’ll go with a pattern in mind.

You aren’t alone. I’ve only been knitting about two weeks, and looked up a LYN (at my newbie stage, I even feel funny using the abbreviation!) to visit this weekend. I was sheepish about going in, but as soon as I walked in, the feeling of being in the wrong place was quicky replaced with welcome. It might have something to do with the store, because I don’t normally warm quite so fast in a strange place. The shop had a beautiful pet border collie though, so what a great ice breaker. There were women of all ages sitting in the store knitting, and the workers were so friendly and chatty.

A lot of the yarn was more than I can afford, but I still browsed and touched it, and looked at all the patterns I could stand. I felt like I should buy something, but then I found some needles that I wanted and couldn’t find elsewhere and that eased the feeling. I’m glad to know my hesitation at first was something pretty common among beginners.

I loved it, and definately want to go back. My husband and son (who frankly dreaded going with me, yarn not being their thing) even said the same thing - that they enjoyed the store and thought I should go back again. I think the dog had something to do with that too. :wink:


The one I go to is kind of intimidating too. It’s really huge and I’m always there right around closing and I always feel like they just want me to get out.

But I guess I’m lucky that it’s only five minutes away on my bike, though I’m a bit nervous about some of the streets I have to ride on. They really should get a bike rack though; I have to lock up to a fence in another parking lot and someday someone is going to come yell at me.

i guess i found mine overwhelming when i first went there because i really didn’t have any idea what i was looking for or anything. i don’t even remember what i bought anymore but i am sure it became a scarf that is around someone else’s neck now. there is another LYS that i don’t go to quite as often that has a lot of stuff but for some reason they light it badly and it is such a small space i feel like i am always stepping over stuff to get around it. i almost never went to that store because i looked at some LYS reviews online and that place had terrible feedback. apparently the woman who owned it wasn’t the most friendly person in the world. she has since passed away and all the people i talk to in there are more than friendly. in fact they rarely just let me browse. i don’t think they realize that i would spend more there if they didn’t feel the need to help me with every purchase that i make and i just don’t have the heart to tell them to leave me alone. i know they are trying to make up for the bad reputation they have but having a shadow around me when i shop anywhere bugs me let alone in a store that is too small for all its goods where i just want to touch everything. Soooooooo i go there when i can’t find what i want at my favorite store (that is very roomy, brightly lit, and well laid out!) and i almost always call first so they have my stuff ready and i don’t have to deal with being followed around like a felon!

i do love going to my LYS though and i think the worst thing about my P/t job moving to a bigger office is that my LYS is no longer on the way. though it will probably be good for the budget! :wink:

Definitely depends on which one!

There are five LYSs that I frequent, and they all have different vibes. Two are very small, and I feel like I’m being stared at when I browse, but not in the friendliest way. The third is friendlier, but still feels funny. The other two are soooo friendly and comfortable…and unfortunately the most expensive. :rollseyes:

Sigh. I’d love to open my own. So I could hang out and feel all the yarn, you know. :roflhard:

LYS can differ depending on the owner. There are two LYS within 45 minutes of me. One I can’t stand going to because her prices are very high and she is not very friendly nor helpful :frowning: The other one I love going to because it is warm, inviting, and friendly. The owner is happy to take a minute or two to help you with a problem and if you look perplexed she will help you with finding the yarn you are looking for. And while both stores are overpriced (I say that they are overpriced when I can get the same yarn online with shipping than what they have it in their stores) I much prefer to give my money to the friendly LYS that is out of my way than the dour LYS that is 4 minutes from my house.

I had a friend visiting me lately and she went to the dour LYS and asked me, “What is it about yarn shops that makes people crabby? You would think getting to work around all those fibers and patterns that you would be a warm and friendly person. My LYS is the same way!”

I was overwhelmed too cause I didn’t know what to expect or what to look for and the prices were :shock: when your use to wal-mart prices for yarn LOL. I enjoy going was in there Sat. just to stop in and say hey which of course ended to a purchase of a patten :wink: I do see the difference in the yarns now though and I prefer them to certain ones now. MY LYS also offers classes and so I got to know them that way too… they are very friendly :XX:

Here in yarn store heaven Portland Oregon, most stores are great. You walk in and just smile at people and they smile back. A lot of what happens to me is folks just start talking out loud “Hmmm…would this be good for a baby?” and someone standing next to them will go “Oh no, you should try xyz over there, I made a blanket and yada yada yada…” Maybe you should make a yarn pilgrimage to Portland :lol:

I think it has everything to do with the owner. The owner sets the vibe. I would imagine that sinking so much money into all that stock would be pretty stressful, but I can’t imagine going into business and then treating people so badly that they won’t come back to your store.

My LYS is owned by a lovely couple, they’re happy to have people come in and plop down in one of the chairs (in a shop that’s the size of a garden shed, mind you) and knit away the afternoon. They know that I’m budget conscious and help suggest yarns that are lower cost than what may be called for in the pattern. A couple weeks ago, they bought me lunch! In return for their great service and friendship, I take their business cards with me and tell everyone who comments when I KIP where I get my yarn and give them a card if I can. It’s really important to me that they succeed, I would hate to lose a yarn store that’s right across the creek from my house. The horror! I need a screaming smiley here

A yarn-trip to Portland! That would be fun, but way to far away. Alas.

They’ve got really good music there too, from what I’ve heard.

I was overwhelmed too the first time I went into my LYS- the women there are certainly friendly enough, but I didn’t know ANYTHING, and I felt pretty foolish asking the really basic questions. Now that I’ve become more familiar with the layout of the store, I’m not as shy about asking for what I need. They have lots of expensive yarn, but also others that are reasonable. I’ve found it depends on who is working, too- everyone has a different personality, and some of the women are more approachable than others. I hope you have a more positive experience next time!!

Yea… I’d love a trip to Portland OR…one of my fav bands ever resides there. The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies!

Anyway… one of these days I must go back to the yarn store. I’m just scared because I hardly have any money, and I will be tempted and feel bad if I can’t get anything since it’s a locally owned place.

Dang, I should get a job.