Am I asking too much?

Ok, here is my plight…I am looking for a soft, luxury yarn to make a cozy afghan for my sister. I want it to be at least hand washable, and it cannot be scratchy, it has to be something she wants to come home and curl up with. I would prefer it for use year round, but that might be a bit difficult as she may be headed to NYC soon. My budget is $100 for a full size afghan.

Any ideas?

How many hanks in a typical full size afgan?

I can’t say this enough…I LOVE the Misti Alpaca. It is soooooo soft I would LOVE to make something I could curl up with out of it too – but it may be out of the budget if you can’t find it on sale somewhere. I think it was $10 for 108 yds. when I got it. Would 10 hanks do it?

I bet someone here could point you in the right direction on the Knit Picks site. Their yarns are very reasonable, but I don’t have any personal experience with them yet.

Rebecca and I have talked about Andean Silk…I am leaning toward that, but I am still looking, just to make sure I have all of my bases covered.

Lisa, one of the books that I am sending is using Plymouth yarn, here’s the site and a pretty afghan on the page :wink:

I really like Plymouth Encore. It’s next to the skin soft, pretty colors and about five dollars a skein. It would make a lovely afghan!

I’ve used Plymouth Encore - soft, nice and heavy.

Just bought Divine by Patons. $4.99 for 142 yds. Fuzzy and not to hard to knit with (making a shawl on 13’s). This is the first time using this yarn - so not sure how it holds up in the long run.

I’m not too sure about the Andean Silk…it says hand wash on the package and I haven’t tried to machine was it yet.


My vote is for Encore, too. The Great American Afghans are knit with that and it’s got all the plusses–inexpensive, good selection, washability/dryability, soft.

Thank you all so much for your help. It is just really important to me that she love it. I feel like with her being so far away she will need lovin from home, and I want her to feel that way when she wraps up in it. I like the Encore. I am going to hit the LYS ad see if they have anything I love…

Well, Lisa…I read the ‘name’ of this thread and, personally…I think you are asking too much :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: u so funny

Actually when I read it the first time I was tempted to say, “Yes, you are.” and leave it at that!

Actually when I read it the first time I was tempted to say, “Yes, you are.” and leave it at that![/quote]

I’m afraid that I was just unable to resist :roflhard: :roflhard: And, considering that I know that she knows I’m kidding…I just had to do it :wink: . What are friends for?!

I would have done that too, (I am just too flippant at times) that I why I asked that question. I think I am going with Andean Silk, they have the colors I want. I am waiting until I look through a couple book to find the perfect throw for her before I finally decide. SUCH a hard decision…