Aluminum Straights

I bought some aluminum straights I think were Boye. The painted finish is peeling off them. :hmm: What’s a good brand of straights for me to buy?

buy knit picks circs and you’ll never go back to straights. :yay:

If you’re dead set on aluminum straights, I’ve got a pair or two of Susan Bates that have held up well.

Otherwise, if you’re in the market for straights that are a little less slick than aluminum, but not as rough as bamboo, I love (love love) Lantern Moon needles. I have a couple pair of the rosewood and ebony straights, and I adore them. They are well worth the price!

i buy the ones at WM… on the lighter colors the chipping and scratches are less noticeable… i tried using circulars last night, my carpal tunnel flared up (which means it’s going to be interesting!)

I have some Inox aluminum straight needles. Mine are pretty new, but my husband’s aunt has some old ones that look fine. They are coated with Teflon so I guess that helps preserve the paint job. They are not expensive, either.

Here are some (but lots of places sell them):
The Local Needle Needles

Note: The larger size needles in Inox tend to be plastic. I have some of these, too, and like them.

I am in the minority–I like straight needles. The boyes are nasty that way–mine did the same thing and I contacted them to complain and they sent a new pair.

But my faves are the Susan Bates silvalume. I also have straights in bamboo from Valley Yarns (that’s the WEBS [] brand and I like them for when I am working with slippery yarn.
What I think would be great is if knitpicks were to make straights in the same material as their circular points.


Honestly, your best bet is to go to e-bay and have a mooch for second-hand Aero or Milward needles.

Couldn’t tell you many generations of English (nationality, that is) knitters have used these.

They won’t cost much and should last you a lifetime.

All the Best