Aluminum or Bamboo?

Well since I need to order a new needle online…as they dont have 36" circular needles in the stores near me, and I want to try that size. I don’t know if I should stick with the bamboo I WAS using. Or try something new, like the Boye aluminum ones?

For all my straight ones I have the plastic Lion Brand ones and I love them. And since they don’t have that size I need, its a toss up between Clover and Boye. Is bamboo lighter than aluminum?

What is your preference between just bamboo and aluminum?

For most things I prefer Nickel Plated Brass, but I do like wood for slippery yarns or if I’m knitting smaller yarn with a bigger needles.

There are several companies that make interchangeables if you’re considering them. Knitpicks Options in various needle material with a skinny, flexible cable.

Webs ( is now selling their Knitter’s Pride needles with different materials and with a skinny, flexible cable.

Denise interechangeables made of resin with a thick plasic cable.

I think it’s individual preference. I won’t knit with anything but wood or bamboo. I find that metal needles are too slick and I can’t keep good tension on them. But that’s just me. Boye needles are cheap and durable. The metal clicking noise as you knit drives me crazy. I don’t think you could go wrong with the Clover needles. Those were the ones I used before I got my Knitpicks Harmony Wood interchangeable circulars. I do all my straight and circular knitting on circular needles using magic loop. Cindy doesn’t do double point needles. The advantage to using circulars for everything is that you’re not digging in the sofa for a lost needle or chasing a rolling one over the floor. They also don’t stick out and poke other people around you when you’re knitting.

I sat down and figured out that, just buying circulars alone, it’s $10-15 dollars for something like Clovers. More money for Addis. If you get one in each size from 4-11 (not counting the smaller sizes) plus all the double points plus all the straights in each size, it can add up to hundreds of dollars. My Knitpicks interchangeable set was a bargain at $70-85. And they do have endcaps so you can use them as straights if you want to. My way of thinking was that this was a one time expense for something I will probably use the rest of my life. And am I worth it? You betcha!

If you’re considering new needles, try the KnitPicks “Try It” set. I love all three of my tips and went back to buy a longer chord (42") not long ago to fit a baby Afghan on. I’m in the process of convincing my DH that I need the full Harmony or Nickel Plated Interchangeable set. I’ll wear him down by Christmas or my b-day =).

Yes, bamboo is lighter than aluminum and warmer too - wood doesn’t chill like metal. I have and like both, as well as some acrylic/plastic ones. It’s more a preference than one’s better than the other.

And if you want to, go to your local yarn shop. My LYS here is great. They let you try out the needles before you buy to see if you like them. If all else fails, keep the receipt. You can always take them back and get something else if they don’t work out for you.

I agree that this is entirely a preference thing. I personally hate bamboo. Actually I hate knitting on any wood needles. I prefer nickel plated. But I know a lot of people can’t stand nickel plated because it causes their stitches to slip off the needle. I totally recommend the knit picks try it set.

I think he/she may be on a budget and just want something off the shelf where you don’t have to wait for a package to arrive. Places like Walmart offer a limited selection. Both those brands are reasonably priced. What you could do is buy both and see which one you prefer. Save the receipt and take the one you don’t want back. Joann’s sells Lion brand plastic needles. Hobby Lobby has acrylic needles that are reasonable.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I started knitting with aluminum, so that’s what I prefer. I have the Clover Bamboo needles but they’re rarely used. The yarn doesn’t glide as smooth IMO.

Whenever I do need to buy needles, I’ll always use a coupon at either Michaels or JoAnn, since you can’t beat 40% off![/COLOR]

HHAHA I do the same thing even with yarn!!! I buy 1 skein a week, so I can use the coupons hahahah…or if I’m lucky I get them on my receipt or can find them them online to print.

I just ended up ordering the bigger bamboo one. I guess it might be helpful for me since I tend to drop stitches since the yarn sticks a little better, I’d be worried about the aluminum being too slippy. But I can always try one from the store in the future. I do prefer the plastic Lion Brand ones, they just didn’t have the size I needed. So I’ll probably still use those for smaller projects on the straight needles. I had just never used a circular one before.

Thanks for all your input!

Sometimes JoAnnes puts out a bunch of coupons at once, that’s when I stock up.

My sister found this coupon blog that usually has a printable Michaels coupon:

They won’t take it at JoAnn tho

Hmmm funny I just realized, I started crocheting again and dug my hooks out. They are aluminum! hahahhaha :roflhard: Oh well, I guess I have a little of everything then that I use.

Between bamboo and aluminum only I’d pick aluminum for most things. Bamboo is too slow for my taste, too grabby, but that is just what some folks like. I recently used a Clover 16"er for a hat because I needed the size and it was the only 16" I had in that size and it seemed like at least 1 1/2 times the work to knit it. But when I husband was knitting hats he loved the bamboo. :??

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I noticed some darkish spots on my bamboo needles, wonder what that is…they’ve never been wet as far as I know, but I’m wondering if humidity would do this?

Ah, good old aluminum. [/COLOR]