Alternative to k2tog yo buttonholes

I just did my k2tog yo buttonholes on a baby sweater. I don’t like them. They seem unfinished and can be hard to find. I tried a one row buttonhole but couldn’t figure out whether I would need to do a 3 st buttonhole in that style so this time I just used the one in the pattern.

What buttonhole would be a good substitute?

I may have asked the wrong question. Are there tricks I’m missing to make the k2tog yo style nicer looking? The long strand opposite the k2tog really bothers me. I may just be missing something obvious.

i can’t answer the k2tog/yo style question… i just wondered if you’ve tried the one-row style that amy shows in a video here on the site? i’ve practiced it and like how it comes out. neat and reinforced at the edges. but, again, practiced it. haven’t actually used it on a finished garment, yet.

Thanks, X. I do like the one row buttonhole and Amy’s video is my go to refresher for it. I just couldn’t figure out how many stitches to bind off to sub for the k2tog yo one and would it affect how many stitches to work in between. I’m not up for that much experimenting so for now I decided to just go ahead and finish the sweater. Another time I’ll try the one that takes two rows, it might be easier to work out. :shrug:

I know I have a link somewhere I’ll see if I can find it.

You can also do over two rows. Bind of one (or more) hour each button hole then increase one over the bound of stitch on the next row.

Thanks, Jan. I’ve watched video for the bind off on one row, cast on the next. If you do this style do you wrap a stitch at each end? The video I watched didn’t do it and I thought it looked like it would be a good idea.

I’m not sure, GG. I seldom make anything requiring them so I’m not up on all the other methods. I did find this link in my bookmarks. Thought I had more, but this looks like it might take care of any wonky edges.

Oh and here’s another good one.

I like the one row buttonhole best myself. I would follow the directions for the video that Amy has:

Step 2 – Slip 1 purl-wise, pass first slipped stitch over second. Place last stitch back on left needle. Turn work.

That gives you a one stitch buttonhole. In the next step cast on 2sts and proceed with the directions.

My little foray into trying to sub this one seemed off somehow. Doing a 2 stitch didn’t seem like it was big enough and with a 3 stitch I wasn’t sure if the number of stitches between the buttonholes would change and I can’t do that kind of counting today. I’ll just have to play with it more.