Alternative Knitting Materials?

Having a bit of a quirky personality, and knowing a guy who knits some pretty cool stuff (mostly lace type knitting) out of kite string, I was wondering if there are any patterns or resources out there for knitting with alternative materials instead of yarn.

While at Wally World I was looking at fly fishing line and thought that it might make a pretty cool yarn to knit with. It would definitely be different.

I wonder what all one could use to knit with?

In the book Weekend Knitting, by Melanie Falick, there’s a pattern for a chair seat knitted from nylon cord. You can also knit with wire to make jewelry. I’ve even seen rugs and bags knitted from old T-shirts and plastic bags, respectively. I guess as long as it’s a relatively long and flexible material, it’s knitting fodder!

Interesting. I used to do a lot of hand work with nylon parachute cord when I was in the service as I had free access to thousands of yards of the stuff and was pretty bored on long cruises. I used to craft keychain fobs, watch bands, and all sorts of silly stuff from it using nothing more than my hands and a sewing needle. It would make a handy knitting medium.

I’m going to have to look for that book.

Mason, I think that Mason Dixon Knitting (another book that’s awesome) might have some alternative materials in it–I know it has a lot of household type projects–not your typical garmet type stuff.

The DIY network has a show called Knitty Gritty and I’ve seen an episode on using plastic grocery bags to knit things and I know that there are patterns out there using hemp and similar materials…

Let us know if you find anything really cool! :wink:

Thanks Cristy. I’m looking into hemp as I would like to knit myself a hemp shirt and maybe a pair of hemp sandals at some point.

There are people who knit with wire too. And there are patterns out there for knitting with rafia.

btw… Mason Dixon knitting is at Michaels and they have that 40% coupon this week. In case anybody is interested! :wink:

Ok, I am feeling too lazy to google it. What the heck is rafia?

btw… Mason Dixon knitting is at Michaels and they have that 40% coupon this week. In case anybody is interested! :wink:

You would have to tell me that.

I still haven’t set foot in a Michael’s yet. There isn’t one here where I live and out on the road I just haven’t yet had the opportunity. I am really looking forward to seeing one although my wallet cringes at the thought.

Ok, I am feeling too lazy to google it. What the heck is rafia?

It’s a straw-like material, but I can’t tell you exactly where it comes from.

Edit: Ok, this is what I found about it:

well as a farmer’s kid, i would say the best description I could give it is that it looks like really long pieces of straw… more flexible though.

people use it a lot for ribbons. I am pretty sure you have seen it you may just not know it.

Here like the straw lookin’ stuff in this pictureused as a bow on the wreath is raffia.

lol looks like we both googled and found the same link first! :teehee:

Hmmm, that looks pretty interesting. I wonder how well it would work for a knitted cap? (Like a newsboy cap.)

Well, ya know great minds think alike, dont’t ya? :teehee:

I’ve never made a cap out of it, but I’ve seen beach hats made out of them back home.

Yeah, a beach hat sort of thing might work too. (I do live in Florida LOL)

hmm…not sure. this might be a strange question but have you ever noticed those bags women carry that look like they are made of straw? that is sort of what it would be like except not as thick. They do sell it by the roll at craft stores though so it could be fun to play with! :thumbsup:

Might be worth looking for then.

Found a book (there are others, too):

Knitting with Wire

And a blog about twine:
Grumperina -twine

Hmmm twine sounds interesting.

It does, but I think it would hurt my hands. I have a hard time even knitting with Red Heart Super Saver! :teehee:

A bag made out of raffia

some guy knit a giant (I mean giant) american flag out of plastic using cranes.

I think he also made a monster teddy bear out of humongous strips of plastic.

it was in vogue knitting a little while ago.

I knitted a bag out of thin hemp rope, but it was a very unpleasant experience and I won’t be doing that again.