Alternate rows?!?

I’ve been knitting for a while and I’m extremely embarrased to say that I don’t understand what it means to decrease on alternate rows. Can anyone bring me out of the darkness. I know how to decrease, I just don’t get alternate, it seems like it would come out uneven…I’m not getting it…Someone please help me!!! :oops:

nope it really is what it says. if you decrease every round you will decrease too fast for your pattern. might make your pattern too short or it might change the shape of your pattern. I would say just trust the pattern and it will make sense in the end! :thumbsup:


Alternate means every other row. When you have to bind off stitches, you can’t do that at the end of a row, so you have to do it at the beginning of rows. Yes, it may seem that it’s ‘off’ by a row, but that’s the way it’s always been done, and the only way it can be done, and it makes no difference.

If you have to decrease at the beginning and end of every alternate row, then you decrease on a row, and then work a row without decreasing. It allows for a more gradual decrease.

Does this clear up your dilemma?

Thank you so much for answering my question. Thats what I have been doing, I was just afraid that it was wrong. I’m self taught, so this web site is a blessing! Thanks again for all your help! :happydance: