Alright, Already. I'm Making The Appointment

I just started a sweater for my husband. After casting on three different times because I mis-judged… many things, and then having to frog the first row… I’ve finally gotten the second row of ribbing done.

Why all the trouble just getting it cast on and two rows of ribbing done? Because I was cheap and stupid and got the wrong kind of glasses for bifocals and therefore cannot properly read directions or count stitches because the bifocals are basically NOT there. I’ve had a new prescription for almost a year now… and STILL have not bought new glasses, because I keep forgetting.

So I just called to make my appointment for my eye doctor and I will not leave there until I have bought the proper sort of glasses that I need since I read and knit almost constantly.

No more frogging. It took me nearly half and hour to get back to my cast on row and start over. Now I have an enormous headache.


Are you using progressive lenses? The kind with no line? I never could get used to those. :doh: Or do you mean you just don’t have bifocals at all?

I got lines and sometimes I want even bigger close up sections.

But it’s time for me to make another appointment. Half the time I have to take my glasses off to see up close. That’s the whole reason I got bifocals the first time.

I am nearsighted, but typically know that when the leaves in the trees start to become fuzzy it is time to go see the eye doctor. Good luck!

I got progressive, because I’m cool that way. Which is another way of saying “Dammit, I don’t want it so obvious!” But the style of glasses I chose are not conducive to progressive and they never bothered to tell me that at the mall chain type place I went to get specs.

I have friends who are in the optician biz and have counseled me in what types of glasses and lenses are best for my prescription. I’m just hoping that the glasses I’m offered don’t make me look like some kind of 1970’s game show celebrity guest.

Bifocals totally flipped me out the first time I tried them. I went back to single-vision for a few more years until it was no longer an option. I tried a progressive but it gave me tunnel vision. Still later I learned not all progressives are created equal – some are better than others but the better ones do cost more and significantly more than bifocals. Essilor (French) and Nikon (Japanese) are a couple of good names. The initial cheapees from the optical store were a disaster almost as bad as the first bifocals. Improvements continue to be made to progressives to make them more comfortable. The first good pair of progressives lasted six years before the prescription changed enough to require replacing them. :slight_smile:

:lol: I did the same thing. I don’t want to look “old” with the bifocals, but my progressives were impossible to get used to. It may have been the frames in part because I don’t want big ol’ glasses! However, they did tell me that some people just can’t wear them. I have a pair of reading glasses now, but I need to get that bifocal pres. filled and just deal with it. Squinting is way more aging than bifocals. :roflhard:

My Rav BFF messaged me last night, screaming and crying all over the page! She had cast on about 30 times for the Citron shawl, using her lace weight yarn. The stitches just would not come out right. On a 31st attempt, her DH leaned over her shoulders and put his reading glasses up to her eyes. VOILA! She could see! TeeHee! So she kept them on for the remainder of the session…and me thinks she’ll be getting reading/knitting glasses of her own soon! What a dear dear husband! I think her Citron is gonna be okay!

Dollar store. They’re cheap so if you lose or break them they’re easily replaceable, and you can get a few in the various strengths.