Alphabet Chart needed

I am in need of a good alphabet chart. I have found a few “block” ones, but looking for something a little more interesting. Any place free I can snag one??? I’m trying to knit a hat for my brother w/ the letters “MLK” on it (it’s a company he owns but I don’t want just plain ugly block letters. Wondering if anyone has something better.

try some of these. Keep in mind these are cross stitch alphabets - so the blocks are square where as a knit stitch is not a square - so the look may be a i different then pictured.

some more:

This chart is less “blocky” and more like scripted letters. The pattern designer intended it to be used for crochet, but you can use it for knitting as well.

Check this out…

Russell’s Knitter’s Alphabet

ETA: wait…you didnt want block letters…oh well take a look anyway, this may come in handy someday.