Alphabet Baby Blanket

Here is my finished project, the blanket took a LONG TIME. (I made a few goofs and had to undo them) It’s from a Debbie Bliss book.

That is really pretty!

Lori, what a beautiful labor of love. It looks wonderful.

That is a beautiful blanket. Did you use Debbie Bliss yarn. Your Grand-baby will love snuggling up in it.

Wow! Incredible. I bet it did take a long time to do! GREAT job!

That is beautiful. Great work.

That is simply gorgeous

Beautiful!! Looks like a lotta work, too-very nice! :thumbsup:

:inlove: so pretty…you did a wonderful job!


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It is just beautiful! What yarn did you use? Was it a hard knit? I might just have to get that pattern![/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Oh my goodness, that is beautiful! I would love to try to make that! Can you tell me what Debbie Bliss book the pattern is in? I would like to order the book today.

Thanks, everyone. :muah: I made it from Lion Brand Woolease. The pattern asked for Debbie Bliss wool/cotton. I think the woolease is thicker, the project turned out a little bigger than the pattern said. (A testament to what gauge does).
The book is called Debbie Bliss The Baby Knits Book.
It’s a long pattern, but not really complicated. The entire design is accomplished using yarn-over, k2 tog, or slip knit PSSO. It’s just hard to stay in exactly the right place. I used a magnetic chart holder, and after each purl row, I took time to go back along and check each block for mistakes.
The last thing, for the border, on the sides it says to pick up 227 stitches. That was too many, it made the border lumpy. So I picked up 211 on the second side, and I wish I had gone even smaller. This difference I’m sure is caused by the fact that I used yarn of a different weight than recommended. It doesn’t quite lie flat, but I’m not going to re-do those 2 borders. THey’re ok.
Today I’m letting my wrists rest, and cleaning the house!:woot:

Gorgeous work!

[COLOR=blue][B][I]Very[/I][/B] Nice! :cheering: [/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]sebago, me[/COLOR]

[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Exquisite. [/SIZE][/FONT]

That is beautiful! I love baby blankets!!!:inlove:

Very very pretty well done x

wow, that looks like a LOT of work!!! it came out great!

Lovely work :slight_smile: