Alpacas at the fair!

We went to the county fair today. Had a great time. But I’m surprised that the highlight of my day was a visit with a pair of alpacas. I absolutely LOVE draft horses and they are usually my favorite exhibit, but these two alpacas were ADORABLE. They were nervous about all the noise and people and one of them was moaning the whole time. They sound like electric razors! Their 11 year old boy was there with them all the time, keeping them company. He very politely answered all of my questions, except “Can I buy some of your yarn?” He did have his hands full with his two friends. 5yo was really excited when one of them lay down, she saw that they have legs like camels that fold under.

The sheep were playing it cool. Rather aloof. But they might have been insulted by the fact that I was wearing a wool sweater. The goats, on the other hand, were trying to get as much love from us as possible.

A fun time was had by all. I’m going to contact the alpaca people to see if they’ll let me score some yarn.

My friend has three alpacas. Actually four. One had a baby. They were shorn since I last saw them–what a hoot! They don’t shave the heads, and with the long necks they looked like Tootsie Pops! The baby came right over when she called him, though. She loves them. And has a room full of fiber that has been cleaned and carded for her, waiting to be spun. When she gets that skill down, I’m the designated knitter! :happydance:

How exciting for you. Home grown :mrgreen: and handspun. WOW! :thumbsup:

Isn’t the noise they make a hoot?! “Hrrrrrmmmmhh…” :lol:

When she first got them, they did that a lot at her. Now that they know her, they’re quieter.