Alpaca yarn

I just started knitting and I saw some alpaca yarn online at Joann’s, and I wanted to know if anybody had tried to knit with this kind of yarn. Thanks

Alpaca is soooooo soft! Very warm, too.

I knit a scarf out of alpaca-- so soft!!!

Characteristics of alpaca: soft, fuzzy, warm, lightweight, fairly non-sturdy, not particularly springy. That means that it has a drapy feel. It wouldn’t be good for socks, or for something that you want more structured and sturdy. I made a sweater out of it, and it’s very warm and cuddly; I also made a lacy shawl, and it’s just gorgeous – and warm.

I bought some gorgeous alpaca from a knitter’s fair a couple of weeks ago and I started knitting it with metal needles…BIG MISTAKE! Make sure you by slightly sticky needles like bamboo. Other than that it’s the most wonderfully soft yarn and I can’t wait to start knitting with it again (I had to frog it twice because the stitches kept coming off the needles).

I am a knitting a shawl with 3 different types of alpaca yarn at the moment. I completely agree with Knitgal, knit it on bamboo needles (I am using big pins for my project and the needles are plastic which seems to work fine as it does not slide off).

It is an incredibly soft and warm yarn, and knits up really quick (I esp love that it leaves my fingers all soft after knitting!). It is very rewarding as you get such an instant result.

I have also found that it does not like being knitted up too tightly and it is not a sturdy yarn (ie does not hold its shape very easily).




Your JoAnn’s has Alpaca yarn? I would liove to buy some of that. Wjat is the nme of it?


My thought exactly! The only thing I can find that they have is Bernat Alpaca Chunky - 70% acrylic, 30% alpaca, $4.99 for 120 yds.

I made a sweater with KnitPicks alpaca–Decadence. TOO MUCH LINT!!! Even after I finished knitting the sweater and TRIED to wear it, I left a swath of red wherever I went. Yes, it’s soft, but make sure the fibers are really plied well.


Is the Bernat Yarn with Aplapa andy good? I need reakl soft. I’m sick and tied of Acrylic junk.

Please!!! Answer soon. I need to buy yarn for the sweater I want to make.


Susan - I haven’t personally used it so I can’t say from experience. I did see on somebody’s blog that it was soft, and maybe with the decreased amount of alpaca it wouldn’t lint so much as was Gina’s experience with the 100% superfine alpaca.

I don’t know if the Joann’s brick and mortar stores carry it or if it’s only online - you could check it out in person if there’s one near you and they carry it, otherwise you may want to get it online with a free shipping coupon, that way if you don’t like it you can send any unused portions back.


Tnank You!

My JoAnn;s does not have that. Only on line.