"All women-folk know how to knit..."

Just relaxing and watching Little House on the Prairie reruns (yeah TVLand) and here’s what I hear…

Widow Snyder: I should have used the larger needles, at this rate I’ll never finish.
Mr. Edwards: What is it?
Widow Snyder: It’s a little sweater for Alicia. I wanted to give it to her, but I’ll just have to put it in the Post.
Mr.E: You’re quite a woman…
WS: What? All women-folk know how to knit…

The rest is just blah blah what’re we gonna do about the Sanderson kids…blah blah old sodhouse, blah blah consumption…we lost he crops etc… :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Well, she may have family with consumption & lost her crops…but at least she’s knittin" :roflhard: :rofling:

:roflhard: I’ve gotten into watching the re-runs of the show… I catch it on the hallmark channel and they were showing when Laura was married and her hubby’s brother came to visit cause he was dying… There is a scene where Laura is trying to talk to him about telling his daughter and she is knitting… but its a very awarkward knit that made me hit rewind, slow motion, and pause on my tivo… I never did figure out if she was really knitting or what… she threw with her left hand instead of her right…

OMG>>>see everything is made better just by knitting.

Rhy :XX:

I was watching Vanity Fair (and folding clothes) this week and was a little disappointed that they didnt include a scene with knitting. But overall what a beautiful movie.

I love catching people knitting on shows or movies, now. I’m sure I never noticed it before I became a knitter. Like Dustinac, I like watching closely enough to see if they look like a real knitter, or whether the needles in their hands are merely a prop.

I was watching an old black & white WWII movie last year. The family in England were in their bomb shelter as the planes roared overhead. Dad sat there smoking his pipe, and mom was furiously knitting away. You could tell she really knew what she was doing, too!

I saw Carrie (sp?) knitting on a rerun episode of the King of Queens, recently. She looked about like I looked when I was first learning. :smiley:

The main thing I’ve noticed while watching re-runs on TBS {before I discovered CSI on at 5am! :roflhard: } is on Mama’s Family. Sometimes they will have Mama {Vicki Lawrence} crocheting in a scene. I’ve seen her working with both thread and yarn, and you can tell that she’s VERY comfortable with that hook in her hand!

Must have been “Mrs. Miniver”. I love that movie - Greer Garson is enchanting in it.

My favorite knitting scene in a movie is in Mel Brooks’ “The History of the World, pt. 1” where Cloris Leachman is a peasant in the time of the French Revolution. She’s soooooo poor, that she’s knitting with no yarn - just needles! It cracks me up. :roflhard: Oh, and of course she keeps beating her breast while talking - not a good idea when one has knitting needles in their hands! :roflhard:


HH, yes, now that you mention it, it was Mrs. Miniver. I didn’t see the entire movie, and have always meant to try and watch it again, but I couldn’t remember the name of it. You’ve made my day! :thumbsup: And you’re right, GG was enchanting in it. It was all so very sad, though. :crying:

I haven’t seen Mel Brooks History of the World, Part 1 in years, loooong before I was a knitter. I’ll have to rent it soon. We’re all big Mel Brooks fans here. :roflhard:

It surprises me how many movies/tv shows have knitting or crocheting in them I never noticed before… now I notice it all the time… was watching a movie this morning… Mother wore tights… and Betty Garble was knitting but you could tell she knew what she was doing… love looking for those scenes :smiley: