All the knitting "extras"?

Can anyone tell me if there is somewhere online I can go to figure out what all the knitting extras are and how to use them? I’ve got the yarn and needles figured out (mostly). But I’m not real sure what the rest of the stuff is for. Stitch markers (locking, split ring, circular), t-pins, cabone rings, knitting bobbins, etc. etc. etc. I see them in the stores, but I have no idea how to use them or in some cases I can’t figure out what they’re even for.

Help! :think:

i have been knitting for years and years and never heard of some of these things why not put them into google and see what comes up

Stich markers help to keep track of front/back, pattern repeats, row counts, etc. T-pins are used for blocking. I’ve never heard of cabone rings, but knitting bobbins are useful, but not necessary, when doing colorwork. Your LYS would be a great place to find out what all of the accessories are for. And if it’s a good one, they’ll be happy to answer your questions.

I don’t know of a specific place, but googling works well. You can also type in “knitting glossary” and get some answers there probably. Here’s a few that I know of from what you asked.

Stitch markers (locking, split ring, circular) -[B] stitch markers do just what they say…they mark a stitch or particular area of knitting that you need to remember something. I use them when I’m doing something like decreasing the top of a hat. Then I can just fly around w/o counting. Locking markers can be used anywhere on your knitting, circular markers are used on the needles and are slipped from one needle to the other as you knit. I don’t like split ring markers, but they can be used either way. [/B]

t-pins -[B] these are used for blocking a finished project if it needs it.

[/B]cabone rings - [B]The only time I’ve seen these used is when you knit or crochet around them for buttons or something. [/B]

knitting bobbins - [B]bobbins are used to wind a small amount of yarn when doing something like intarsia.[/B]

My general rule is, if I don’t know what its for and can’t think of a good use for it, I don’t buy it. Hence I don’t have T-pins (I just use straight pins) or cabone rings (no idea how to use this)

I’ve used cabon rings as stitch markers as well. Very handy that way. There are all kinds of notions in knitting. Some are handy. Some are fun. Some are just, well, “fluff” A piece of thread tied in a slip knot can substitute for a stitch marker. A coilless safety pin is hand for marking front and backs of work (if it isn’t obvious) and for marking rows (so you can count how many rows you’ve knit since X-point) There are all kinds of measuring devices out there - ones that have an L-shaped cut out to count rows and stitches others that magnify a measured space, still others that are just measuring tapes. Instruments to size your needles and devices to keep your needles. Little thingies to keep your dpn’s together and other little thingies to protect your points (actually I think it is to protect you from your points, but I never use them - although I’ve heard they are handy for keeping your stitches from escaping.)

For color work, I prefer EZ Bobs over yarn bobbins, but only use them if I am working in more than one color at a time. There are cutting tools (not just scissors) and counting tools and holding tools of all variety. As you become a more learned knitter you will eventually find use for some of these tools. There isn’t much mystery to them when you see them in context. :slight_smile: