All stitches at the ends

Hi.I was working on the North Country Cotton Baby Socks the other day and i was confused by what the pattern had said.It said,
Turn Heel
Row 1:Slip 1,p7,p2tog,turn.
Row 2:Slip 1,k4,k2tog,turn.
Row 3:Slip 1,purl to 1st st before the last turn,p2tog,turn.
Row 4:Slip 1,knit to 1st st before the last turn,k2tog,turn.
I get this part but after this part this next part confused me by saying
Repeat Rows 3 and 4 until all stitches at the ends are used up ending with a rightside row.I don’t get what it means when it says"Repeat rows 3 and 4 until all sts at the ends at used up?. :?? What does it mean by until all sts at the ends are used up.

basically when you start turning the heel you are going to have stitches at the left and right that aren’t being used initially. as you go along though you will bring in one more stitch from each side. it is telling you to continue on until you have worked all of those stitches.

I watched Amy’s video which had her working on the pattern itself but i’am still confused by the part. :??

Brendajos right–just follow the pattern. You’ll see that as you go along, the number of stitches at each edge will decrease as you knit more and more in the center.

okay let’s pretend you have 20 stitches on your needle.

it tells you to slip one, purl 7, purl two together and turn. you still have 10 stitches you haven’t worked…just do what it tells you to.

each time you knit two together or purl two together you are going to be using one of the stitches you haven’t worked yet into your heel.

just follow the instructions and you will see what they mean. The first pattern i did said to keep going until all stitches have been worked. i didn’t get that at first either until i actually saw it on my needles.

Thanks for the helpful information :smiley: .