All pieces now finished! ready to block

As most of you know I’ve been dredding this ‘big’ project (for me anyway) my Mom’s vest out of Patons SWS and size 6 needles. Anyway, Sunday I finished the back :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
so here’s a pic, excuse the fact that it’s on my bed (unmaid, shame on me) and that Ihad to use my prenatal vitamin bottle to keep the neck area from rolling. It’s unbelievable how fast the front is going. I’m doing it cardigan style and so there’s half as many sts as there was for the back…I also got incredibly bored doing just st. stitch and decided to add a cable on each front piece. I’ll post a pic when I have one front side done. Hopefully it wont take me another year to complete the front as it did for the back. (Hey I get side tracked just like most of you) Anyway I want to finish it really fast so that I can give it to her for her 53rd bday the end of Oct. So guess I’d better get knitting, both kids are still asleep!

btw I did update my blog, incase anyone’s keeping up with that.

Looking great so far! Nice colouration patterning.

That looks great! I love the yarn!

Was the aspirin bottle for the headache it caused???:wink: It looks just wonderful!

actually that’s prenatal vitamins, which are a result from taking asprin b/c of the headache, if I hadn’t taken the asprin, maybe I wouldn’t be pg; :think: jk. The back did cause lots of headache; esp since I didn’t know about “The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns” and it took me over 12 hours to convert a vest pattern down to the gauge I needed. That book has patterns for gauges from 3-9 st to the in for all things like, socks, hats, mittens, gloves, tams, scarves, vests, sweaters and they’re all from little kid size (2-4) to man’s large size. That book was a life saver. I can’t wait to finish the vest, almost up to the armhole decreases on the first front side :woohoo:

I thought it was an aspirin bottle, too! Then I read that it’s vitamins… :roflhard:

Here’s the left front, only took 2.5 days to complete! :woot:I had to add some cableing b/c it was just too boring with out it.

looks very nice with the cable, how inventive of you!:yay:

Keep up the good work, it looks terrific!

Isn’t that gorgeous! :inlove:

Yay! Good job!

Great job!! The front looks lovely with the cable, and I love the colors you’re using-I think you’ll get it done in time, no problem!

Your Mom is going to be thrilled!!

all pieces are finally finished!!! now I just need to find a squirt bottle and block the thing. thanks for all the encouragement and help.

finally finished and it’s now being blocked outside, b/c it would take forever to dry inside with a swamp cooler. So I figured with it being over 90 outside and no humidity it’d be dryer sooner.

Oh, I like the cable detail you added! Very pretty colors, too. Nice job!