All Done and I am fine

Test is finished and I am fine. Just have to wait for the results now. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers and my prayers go out to all you here on the site that are experiencing heartship, heartaches or sadness in your lives. Mine is small compared to yours!


Glad to hear that it is all over. Now you can sit back and knit again.

Yay, good to hear :slight_smile: Well done :wink:

Gald you tests are done!! Keep us informed with the results.


Glad to hear that you are well. I hope it wasn’t a traumatic experience. Most people say that the prep can be worse than the test itself!

I hope you get good news and can be ‘reconnected’ as planned.

:hug: :heart: :hug:


Glad to hear all went well. Now go eat some ice cream!!!