Alex's Car Seat Blanket & Poncho to Match

Here is Alex in his car seat blanket. He is also reluclantly modeling his poncho, which matches his blanket.
The car seat blanket is really a handy thing. It just stays in the car seat and when he is ready to go, all we do is put him in it and buckle the belts and tuck him in. The blanket has slits so the belts can be fitted through and is closed on the bottom, kinda like a big bag. If we need to, we can pull the blanket all the way to the top, to cover his head too.
The yarn is Lion brand, really, really soft and warm for our cold, Michigan winters.

What an adorable baby! And a really cute poncho/blanket set. I have been eyeing that poncho pattern on the Lion pattern pages.

What a cutie pie! That is a great idea for dealing with the car seat. Happy traveling to Alex.

Its really cute and so is the baby. i love the idea that it fits around the car seat!!

He is just adorable. Love the idea of the car seat blanket, very clever. Did you design it yourself?

Looks so cozy! Lucky baby.

aww cute! good job! :cheering:

[CENTER]Thanks for all the nice replies!
Yeah, I did design the car seat blanket thing myself. I just kind of made it up as I went along. It was easy, I started with circular needles at the bottom and knit until the first opening for the seat belt thing, then used two needles. I closed up the bottom so his feet would stay warm.
The little baby poncho pattern is somewhere on the internet as a free pattern. I forgot where! It’d be pretty easy to find though. Let me know if you’d like a link to it.

You did a great job of designing that car seat blanket! Nice job on the other too. And can I hold your model a while?

:yay: That looks great and so useful…I would have loved one of those when mine were babies…:thumbsup:

What a cutie! That carseat blanket looks great and very useful. I like the matching poncho too.

He’s so cute! Great job on the blanket and poncho! They look warm and cozy.

Hi Suzi!

Now how are we supposed to concentrate on your wonderful knitting with that adorable child as the model!!?? What a cutie pie!! :heart:

Thanks so very much for sharing your beauties with us!!